Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet Review : The Best Android Tablet Available

Xiaomi’s new tablet, the Pad 5, is undoubtedly one of the best Android tablets that you can buy right now. We tell you why.

Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet Review: The Best Android Tablet Available?

Xiaomi has returned, after two years, with a new model of its line of Pad tablets. After the Pad 4 of 2018, the brand has surprised us with its incredible Xiaomi Pad 5 and Pad 5 Pro, two new tablets that do not disappoint and that could become a very good alternative to Apple’s iPad.

The first thing that catches your attention is the improvement in its design and build quality, along with its excellent new screen with a refresh rate of 120HZ, compatible with stylus. The second is undoubtedly its excellent performance.

Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet Review
Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet Review

I have been able to spend several days testing the new Xiaomi Pad 5 to tell you if this new Xiaomi device is worth it or not.

Design and build quality

If we compare the design of the Pad 5 with that of the Pad 4, we immediately notice that Xiaomi has worked a lot to improve the design of its new tablets. In fact, its design reminds me a lot of that of the iPad Air, which is something quite positive since Apple tablets are characterized by their excellent designs, among many other things.

As soon as I took the tablet out of its box and turned it on for the first time, I had that feeling of being in front of an expensive product of very good quality. The material of its cover combines glass with aluminum. The back has a pearlescent matte finish that will surely appeal to many and many.

As you can see in the photos, I have had the opportunity to try the Pearl White model, but if you fancy a more classic Android tablet finish, you can choose the Cosmic Gray model. The Pearl White model looks bluish when the light hits it directly, as you can see in the photo.

The arrangement of the cameras (or the camera, because there is really only one 13 MP lens which I will talk about later) is also reminiscent of newer iPhone models. A rectangular shape (almost square), with what looks like two lenses, one on top of the other. The lower “lens” is actually an ornament that accompanies the upper lens along with the flash.

I like the fact that that square the camera is in doesn’t stick out too much. In fact, you can support the tablet on any flat surface and it will not wobble as it happens with other models that choose a structure for the cameras that is too protruding.

There is no cover included in the box, although I am using a fairly basic transparent model that protects it without hiding the beautiful design of the Pad 5. The tablet is quite large, which will be positive or negative depending on your tastes. In my opinion, I always prefer a large screen so that it makes sense to use the tablet instead of my smartphone (which already has a fairly large screen in itself).

We are facing dimensions of 254.69 x 166.25 x 6.85 mm, which gives the device a more elongated shape than that of the iPad Pro (247.6 x 178.5 x 5.9 mm). Although it is a bit thicker, it is still a fairly thin tablet. Regarding the weight, it is quite standard: 511 grams. To give you an idea, the Huawei MediaPad M6, which is a fairly large tablet, weighs about 500 grams and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus weighs 575 grams.

I’ve used it for hours and at no time does it feel heavy or uncomfortable in your hands. On the contrary, perhaps because of its elongated shape and the feeling of finesse it gives, the Pad 5 is easy to transport from one place to another and, as I said, it is not heavy even after using it for hours. The edges are flat, with rounded corners in a metallic gray finish, thus adding more elegance to the design of the Pad 5.

And now, a very important element in a tablet: the screen. Xiaomi continues to score points in this model thanks to this new 11-inch IPS screen with WQHD + resolution of 2560x1600p. It achieves 500 nits of brightness and has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is worth mentioning that it has a contrast of 1500: 1.

My experience with the screen has been excellent. I have been able to use the tablet outdoors in bright light and it can still be seen clearly. The touch screen responds quickly to touch.

Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet
Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet Review : The Best Android Tablet Available

I wanted to try the experience of using the tablet with a stylus, so I decided to buy a smart pen from Amazon. I gave this £ 15.99 model a shot at Amazon UK , as before investing in the original Xiaomi model I preferred to try a cheaper option. If you are in Spain and you want an inexpensive stylus, you can consult different options in Amazon Spain that are very similar, such as this Hommie model for € 16.99.

Accuracy with this inexpensive stylus is good, but not perfect, especially if you want to use it for drawing. I understand that to achieve better precision, you would have to use a more expensive stylus, like the original model sold by Xiaomi. Its Xiaomi Smart Pen costs € 99.99 and is designed for the Xiaomi Pad 5. If you are going to use the tablet for creative work, it is a good investment.

Returning to the specifications of the screen, this is a 16:10 aspect ratio. Thanks to this, more depth is achieved. Make sure to choose the 120Hz refresh rate in ‘Settings’, as it will allow you to see more clarity in the details. The 60 Hz option is only recommended if you need to save battery life. In ‘Screen settings’, you can also choose between three modes: Vivid, Saturated or Standard. In my opinion, I prefer the recommended mode, that is, the vivid one, since it gives a feeling of greater clarity.

You can also select the option ‘Adaptive colors’ and that these adjust to the ambient light of your environment. You can select the color temperature in a very personalized way by selecting the type of color that you prefer to stand out.


Performance is another of the strengths of this tablet: it is excellent. You will be able to move from one app to another smoothly. I have had many apps open at the same time and performance is not affected at any time, which is a good sign.

The Pad 5 comes to life thanks to its Snapdragon 860 processor, its 6 GB of RAM and its Adreno 640 GPU. This graphic has been used since 2019 in high-end Android devices. However, there are more current models such as the Adreno 660 and the Snapdragon 888. This does not mean that the specifications of the Pad 5 are bad, if not quite the opposite: the tablet has high-end specifications that are still excellent although there is a newer model.

Its specifications make the tablet suitable for games. Of course, personally, when it comes to games designed for Android, I find it more comfortable to play on my smartphone because I better reach the touch controls. However, you can use a controller for your tablet and the gaming experience will be incredible. Also, it is not a device that heats up easily, even when using more demanding apps. This is probably due to the fact that it has a cooling surface of 27,067 square millimeters.

Regarding the internal memory, in the standard model, you will have only option to 128 GB, which already seems to us a quite acceptable amount. Obviously, if you are going to need to store a lot of videos or files that take up too much space, you may want to opt for more memory, but if you are going to use the tablet for basic (and not so basic) tasks, the 128 GB of ROM will be more than enough . One downside of the Pad 5 is that it does not have a microSD card slot to be able to expand the GB.

The results of the benchmark tests to which we have subjected the Pad 5 have been quite favorable. They show that it is a device that offers excellent value for money. For example, in CPU benchmarks , the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + (available for € 579) has a score of 2852. The Xiaomi tablet’s score is 2590, a result that is not that far from the € 180 model. Samsung’s most expensive.

The iPad Air (2020) Apple does offer a significantly higher result: 4129. However, we must also take into account its price starts at 649 €. It is also worth mentioning that you pay € 250 more than for the Xiaomi Pad 5, but you get half the storage, 64 GB. Regarding the performance tests in video games, the results of the Xiaomi Pad 5 are surprising, since these come to be above the two tablets mentioned in the two previous paragraphs.

You can check the benchmark results in the following graph:


Rear camera: 13 MP, 4K | 30 fps, 1080p | 30 fps, 720p | 30 fps
Front camera: 8 MP, 1080p | 30 fps, 720p | 30 fps

Now, although the cameras are not so important in a tablet (today it is common to have a smartphone that takes incredible photos), the truth is that the Pad 5 performs quite well in this field, for a tablet.

Obviously, if we compare these cameras with those of a smartphone, they would be terrible cameras. Therefore, it must be taken into account that tablet manufacturers do not give as much importance to the lenses of the device since, after all, it is not common to use a tablet to take photos.

Even so, we are facing two lenses: the selfie camera is 8MP and the rear 13 MP. It will be more than enough to be able to make video calls or scan documents, surely two of the functions for which the tablet will be useful.

The interface of the tablet is quite simple: at the top you have the options of flash, HDR, Al and filters. If you go to the icon with three horizontal bars, you will also see more options: choose the frame of the photo, activate the timer, choose a film frame, etc.

At the bottom we see the different modes: video, photo, night or short video. The document option will allow you to scan a document with text, as if it were a scanner. The truth is that this mode works quite well and can be quite useful, especially if you are studying and you like to save notes digitally.

Battery, connectivity and speakers

The battery is excellent. Its 8720 mAh will be more than enough for a whole day without having to charge the tablet. Obviously, if you are going to be watching movies continuously or playing video games for too many hours, the battery will drain much faster, but normal use ensures a full day of battery life.

I can give as an example that I spent about two hours drawing with the Sketchbook app (highly recommended if you like to draw) and the battery was discharged 27% during those two hours of continuous use with the screen on.

Keep in mind that the fact that it does not have compatibility with 4G or 5G mobile data (it only works with Wi-Fi) also means that the device uses much less battery.

Regarding the charging speed, the tablet supports a 33W fast charge. This type of speed ensures that in 5 minutes you can recover up to 30% of the device’s charge. However, it disappoints that the box comes with a charger of only 22.5 W. However, you can buy a charger with more power if you want your tablet to charge faster. In this case we recommend the Ugreen brand , available on Amazon.

Another element that stands out especially from the Pad 5 is its combination of four speakers, one in each of the corners. I have been able to watch Netflix movies with the tablet lying on my bed and the feeling of surround sound that is achieved, thanks to those four speakers and the Dolby Atmos technology that it incorporates, is surprising. Or at least surprising for a tablet.

I have already mentioned that the Pad 5 can only connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n / ac protocol), but what ports is available? Tablets don’t usually have too many ports. So you will have to connect your devices via Bluetooth connection. In this case, you only have a USB-C charging output.


The Xiaomi Pad 5 incorporates the MIUI operating system for Pad, clearly inspired by Apple’s iPadOS (being inspired by those of the apple is something that Xiaomi has us used to).

The operating system is based on Android 12 and MIUI 12.5. When setting up the tablet for the first time you can add your Google account, but you will also need a Mi account, something that is easily created by following the steps that will appear on the screen. Even so, it is perfectly compatible with Google, you will see the Play Store and all installed Google apps (Gmail, Maps, Photos, Drive, etc.).

The interface is very simple, with bloatware that is not overwhelming or overloaded, if not quite the opposite: simplicity stands out in this operating system. In the ‘Settings’, you will find some special functions. However, none of them stands out too much. You can configure a parental control (with Google Family Link), in case you want your daughters or sons to play with the tablet.

In the ‘Special functions’ section, we find Game Turbo, a platform where you can store the different games you download and that will use functions to improve the performance of the games. For example, you can configure options that are activated when you play, such as the notification bar not opening or the gestures to take a screenshot do not work.

The interface incorporates the typical floating windows that we already saw in the iPadOS. This allows you to be able to view more than one app at the same time. And to be able to carry out a more personalized control of all the functions. Finally, the Pad 5 includes facial recognition to be able to unlock the tablet. Based on my experience, it works quite accurately. However, it is also recommended to use a pin or pattern for greater security. However, in this case there is no fingerprint recognition.

Price and availability

The official price of the Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet is € 399. If you want to buy the tablet on the official Xiaomi website, you can do so from September 24. You can visit their website and select ‘Notify’ to be notified when it is available.

However, we have found an offer that makes the Pad 5 tablet even better value for money. On the Goboo platform, you can book right now (only paying € 20 in advance) and take the tablet for € 299. If you are looking for a quality Android tablet, it is an offer that we recommend you take into account. The Pad 5 is one of the best tablets available and you can take it for € 100 less than it costs.

In addition to € 100 less, if you book at Goboo you will have priority shipping, receiving your tablet from September 23. Goboo offers facilities so that, if you change your mind in 14 days, you can return the product, in addition to a two-year warranty.

Buy the Xiaomi Pad 5 for € 299 at Goboo


I really wanted to be able to personally test the new Xiaomi tablet. The Pad 5 arrives after two years of waiting without any update and, the truth is that it does not disappoint. Xiaomi has managed to create an excellent device. In fact, I dare say that it is one of the best Android tablets available, especially considering its price.

Knowing how to offer high-end quality products at much lower prices is something that Xiaomi knows how to do very well and, in this case, it has not been left behind. Just by taking the tablet in your hands you already feel like you are in front of a high-end device: an incredible screen, a beautiful design that looks expensive, excellent performance, brilliant sound and a very good battery life, can you ask for more?


Dimensions: 254.69 x 166.25 x 6.85 mm
Weight: 511 grams
11-inch screen, 1600×2560 (WQHD +), 275pp, 120Hz, 500 nits
DCI-P3 compliant
Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor
Rear camera: 13 MP, 4K | 30 fps, 1080p | 30 fps, 720p | 30 fps
Front camera: 8 MP, 1080p | 30 fps, 720p | 30 fps
Four Dolby Atmos Compatible Speakers
128GB or 256GB storage options
LPDDR4X RAM + UFS 3.1 Storage
8720 mAh (typ)
Bluetooth 5.0
802.11a / b / g / n / ac wifi protocol
Operating system: MIUI for iPad

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