Wins Coronavirus Fact-Checking Grant from IFCN and Facebook

This award was initiated by IFCN and Facebook.

National online media, won the Coronavirus Fact-Checking Grants award. The award was initiated by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) and Facebook given in order to head off ‘disinfodemic’ in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world.Of the 170 institutions that participated, eight of them were entitled or valued at US $ 300 thousand, equivalent to Rp4.5 billion.

As the representative of Indonesia is one of the representative institutions of Australia, France, Canada, Jordan, Kenya, Taiwan and Ukraine.Previously, Coronavirus Fact-Checking Grants were given to 13 institutions from Italy, Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Lithuania, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, India, Congo and the United States.”We are very pleased to see 21 organizations in our community able to gather additional resources in these challenging times. Coronavirus Fact-Checking Grants is a means for us to support the fact-checking community with funding, and to acknowledge their dedication and commitment, “said IFCN Director Baybars Orsek.

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Prevent Missinfodemic

Recipients of Coronavirus Fact-Checking Grants will start the program as soon as possible or continue the program that has been carried out, for six not in the future.There are at least two key performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators / KPI) that must be achieved within this time period.”The global fact-checking community plays an important role in the fight against misinformation regarding Covid-19.

We are very enthusiastic to see how 21 grantees from around the world will continue to have a good effect on their work,” said Keren Goldshlager of Facebook Integrity Partnerships.In addition, since January 2020, more than 100 fact check communities have collaborated with #CoronaVirusFacts / #DatosCoronaVirus Alliance to create databases related to misinformation and disinformation related to COVID-19.

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8 Coronavirus Fact Checking Grants recipients

1. Indonesia

Program Name: COVID-19 WhatsApp Hoaxbuster

Continues to strive to eradicate lies or hoax that spread on social media and conversation applications, especially on WhatsApp.The strategy taken is to involve direct community participation through a number of WA groups. So far, there are seven WhatsApp groups in six regions that have been operating since February 2020.

2. RMIT ABC Fact Check – Australia

Program Name: The CoronaCheck project

Program is carried out by producing e-mail newsletters that check results from internationally accredited information; free information about the impact of the disease agenda; the latest information from the White House; and links to official and reliable sources of information about COVID-19.It also brings news about how the fact-checking community is fighting the tide of misinformation and malicious content on its uploads and Twitter accounts.

Fact-Checking 2020
Wins Coronavirus Fact-Checking 2020 Grant from IFCN and Facebook

3. 20 minutes – France

Program Name: Oh My Fake

Team will produce videos, stories and podcasts about COVID-19. The team will work on audience development initiatives that use innovative formats, such as interactive communication, to better reach people with reliable information. Videos distributed on websites and social platforms (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram) explore and explain cognitive biases (Dunning-Kruger effects, emotional biases, etc.) that create false news about COVID-19, especially viral ones.

4. ASL 19 – Iran

Program Name: Factnameh Instagram Outreach Project

Team will examine facts about trending information about COVID-19 and share it widely on popular social media channels in Iran. Factnameh aims to strengthen its reach by sending content through Instagram, the only social media platform that is not blocked in Iran. According to the data, Instagram has 24 million users there.

5. Fatabyyano – Jordan

Program Name: F-19 Vs. COVID-19

This project aims to combat misinformation in 19 Arab countries by sending 19 packages consisting of animated videos, articles containing facts and infographics. The team will use sign language in its visual production to reach a wider audience.

6. PesaCheck – Kenya

Project: Converting PesaCheck’s Content for Messaging

The team will translate the content it produces in the form of long and short articles into GIFs, short videos, and other formats that can be shared on various messaging platforms in response to incorrect information regarding COVID-19.

7. Taiwan FactCheck Center – Taiwan

Program Name: Combat COVID-19 Misinformation through Multimedia

Team will create interactive timelines, world maps and more infographics to be presented on the organization’s website. The idea is to use existing fact checking to design and produce interactive games for use with children, along with informative videos about COVID-19. The content will be shared in the Education Resource of Digital Literacy, an online database run by the Taiwan Ministry of Education. The team will operate on the LINE and Instagram applications.

8. Vox Ukraine – Ukraine

Program Name: CoronaShield

The VoxCheck team will join UNICEF to monitor and collect false information about COVID-19. The team will also work with experts from the Ministry of Health and UNICEF to clarify medical points which will then share the facts through various networks with professionals in the health sector. The team will write scripts and broadcast live with short messages on Suspilne National TV Channels, in addition to making infographics, articles, and videos.