Viral Videos of Persecution of Covid-19 Officers at Funerals

Four people were arrested. Threatened with imprisonment of more than five years.

Video of the beating of a funeral officer for a Covid-19 patient by a number of viral citizens on social media. The incident occurred in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan. In the video seen a number of residents came to the funeral. A number of officers wearing jaz hazmat were seen ready to conduct a funeral.

However, there is debate. A man in a black shirt is seen pushing a funeral officer down. After that, there was a commotion. A number of people who came to the cemetery said that the body buried by the officer did not die because of Covid-19. I wonder what the basis of the claim. Not clear. “This is not Covid,” the man shouted at the pushing officer.

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After the incident, the Palangka Raya City Police Department arrested four people who were suspected of mistreating several officers who wanted to bury the body based on the standard health protocol Covid-19. Palangka Raya Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Dwi Tunggal Jaladri, said the four men who were arrested were allegedly mistreating a number of Covid-19 officers who took place at the public cemetery (TPU) Jalan Yusuf Arimatea Tjilik Riwut Km 12. “So, we brought the four people to the police station to be questioned regarding the problem of alleged abuse of Covid-19 officers,” Jaladri said, quoted from, Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

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According to Jaladri, the problem was allegedly caused by the lack of communication between Hartini Sari Dewi’s (58) family, the body being buried, with the PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Palangka Raya, about the location of the graves in the Covid-19 patient area. The family, added Jaladri, did not even have a problem with the funeral by Covid-19 standard, because they had wrapped level one, namely three layers of plastic.

Viral Videos of Persecution
Viral Videos of Persecution of Covid-19 Officers at Funerals

“This cemetery is actually also an area in Tjilik Riwut Street 12 Km TPU. So that this agreement did not occur, the family was angry, because the standard burial officer of Covid-19 was not carried out according to his religion so he was angry,” he said.

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Jaladri said the PKI Muhammadiyah Hospital had only sent the results of the Hartini Sari Dewi swab, which was buried, to Dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangka Raya Hospital around 16:30 WIB Tuesday. To find out the results, Jaladri ordered the Pahandut Police Chief of Palangkaraya City to speed up the handling of the results of the swab received by Dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangka Raya Hospital.

“The results of the swab training will be known at around 18:30 and then come out. Then the results of our communication with the family who are buried, they did not ask for the body to be opened regarding the funeral standards for Covid-19 because it was wrapped in level one, only a funeral,” he said.

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Whereas four people suspected of persecuting Covid-19 officers who are now undergoing intensive investigations by Palangka Raya Police investigators, are threatened with Article 351 of the Criminal Code regarding Persecution and imprisonment of up to five years in prison. After the incident, Hartini’s funeral was removed from the initial location at the request of the family. The standard funeral protocol Covid-19 was replaced by six Palangka Raya Police personnel using personal protective equipment (PPE).

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