Viral Video of Men Raging & Acung Parang at Jember Police Headquarters

Man suddenly opened the motorcycle seat and brandished a machete at the police.

Ground Mapolres of Jember, East Java, was suddenly uproar. A man suddenly went berserk and brandished a machete at a number of policemen on duty on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. Man suspected of having a mental disorder went berserk and broke into the Jember Police Headquarters yard. While in the courtyard, he opened the motorcycle seat and took a machete and pointed it at the officers.

“Yes, he is a stressed person. Suddenly he entered the Jember Police Headquarters without reporting to the duty officer,” said Deputy Head of Jember Police, Kompol Wyndi Syafutra, when confirmed, As the rules apply, Wyndi said, every visitor to the Jember Police Headquarters is required to park their vehicle outside the Police Headquarters yard. Furthermore, guests will be asked to report to the duty officer. “He got on a motorbike and went straight to the Police Headquarters yard. Then took out a machete from his motorcycle seat,” continued Wyndi.

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Process is tough before being arrested

Man’s action was recorded in a 1:16 minute video and went viral on social media. The video shows the man immediately swinging a machete and screaming at the people around him. Several members of the Jember Police threatened the man by taking out their weapons, although there was no sound of an explosion. “The person cannot be communicated with. They get angry like that. But then they can be secured by members,” said Wyndi.

Viral Video of Men Raging
Viral Video of Men Raging & Acung Parang at Jember Police Headquarters

After going through a tough process, the man was arrested by officers. It is known that the man with the initials CAP (34) comes from Rowotamtu Village, Rambipuji District, Jember. “It is temporarily secured, while going to a mental doctor. If stress is indeed it will be returned to the family or entrusted to the Social Service,” said Wyndi.

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Before doing bullying

From the results of the interim examination, it was found that several hours before causing a stir at the Jember Police Headquarters, CAP was suspected of committing bullying. The alleged bullying took place at the BRI office in the Rambipuji unit.

The BRI security officer then reported this to the Rambipuji Police Headquarters to ask for security. Shortly before the members of the Rambipuji Police arrived, CAP had left the BRI office of the Rambipuji unit.