Viral Video Chinese ABK Treatment of Inhuman Indonesian Fishermen

Indonesian fishermen are only allowed a 6 hour break but not to sleep.

Video contains an atmosphere of eating in a middle of viral news on social media. The cemetery was classified as inhuman, because the body was thrown into the sea.The video uploaded on the Instagram account @makassar_iinfo shows a number of Chinese citizens carrying out a memorial service before the body was thrown into the sea. The body is said to be a crew member who is an Indonesian citizen (WNI).”A report broadcast by the South Korean television station MBC shows a heartbreaking reality about the fate of several Indonesian citizens working as ship crews on ships belonging to China,” wrote Admin.

Video in Korean was then translated by YouTuber Hansol in Indonesian. He also gave an explanation of the case in his YouTube channel, Korea Reomit.”The video we are about to see after this is the reality of Indonesian human rights violations working in Chinese shipping. So, like a big boat to catch fish in the middle of the sea. MBC managed to get this information by chance the ship pulled over in Busan,” said Hansol.

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Unreasonable Working Hours

It was stated that the Indonesian citizens on the Chinese fishing vessels worked inhumane working hours. They are required to work for 18 hours.In addition, ABK WNI may not consume mineral water but filtered sea water. While mineral water is only for Chinese fishermen.”At first we saw the video shown, we could not believe it and before further inspection, the ship was gone, it looks like an international investigation is needed as soon as possible,” said the MBC presenter translated by Hansol.

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Stories of Citizens Trapped Cordown Lockdown in the Land of People

Corona virus has spread almost everywhere in the world. Not only local residents, many Indonesian citizens who are abroad are trapped because of lockdown and feel the horror due to this Corona Covid-19 virus. Not a few of the Indonesian citizens are worried about their health.In addition to thinking about their own health, they also think about the situation of families in Indonesia, hoping that no bad experiences are felt like they have.There are more than 780 thousand confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the United States, with the highest transmission occurring in New York City, which is a business and entertainment center.

Viral Video Chinese 2020
Viral Video Chinese 2020 ABK Treatment of Inhuman Indonesian Fishermen

While in Europe, Spain, Italy, and France became the three countries with the highest cases with total deaths in these three countries already reaching more than 60 thousand people.Here are some stories of Indonesian citizens abroad who are currently still struggling against the Corona Covid-19 pandemic, quoted from ABC Australia.

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Experience in the United States

United States is now the country with the highest Covid-19 case in the world. There are more than 780 people who tested positive, 42 thousand patients died and half live in New York City.The high number of corona positive cases in New York City makes Indonesian couple Hendy Bernandi and his wife Caroline Ronauli feel concerned about their health.he couple has lived near New York City for more than two years. They live in the Forest Hills area in Queens, about 20 minutes from downtown New York.Thankful the area where they live is not an area that is declared as a ‘hot spot’, not a case of the Bronx or Broklyn. Residents around the place where the couple lived also comply with government regulations by doing ‘physical distancing’.

This is what makes Hendy, Olin and Hayzel, their children, feel the positive atmosphere amid the corona outbreak that hit New York City.Hayzel is now in 6th grade, more than a month of learning online. All necessities such as ipad and laptop have been provided by the United States Ministry of Education.Not only school equipment, three times the number of students in the school canteen was given. Parents can take the children’s ration between 8 and 1 o’clock in the afternoon.”Maybe because this is a public school there are children from disadvantaged families, the provision of food is still being carried out by the school,” Olin explained.

Olin’s concern is directed to her husband, Hendy. Hendy works at one of the Indonesian state-owned banks in New York, so he still has to go to the office once a week.”Every time I want to leave the house, let me remind you, do not forget to use this and that, spray disinfectant. Once back [to the house] also the jacket is removed first, sprayed again, showered first, then eat,” Olin told Hellena Souisa from ABC Indonesia .Meanwhile, to overcome boredom at home due to ‘pause’ conditions in New York, Hendy and Olin did many activities, including those they had never done before.”(Because) I don’t know what else to do, the three of us exercise in front of the television with YouTube guidelines . we three zumba in complete sports clothes,” said Olin, who claimed he did not like to exercise before.

As the terrible news about the New York situation, Hendy and Olin must often calm parents and families in Indonesia who are worried about their condition.In addition, because they lived in a foreign country, Hendy and Olin often fellowship with fellow Muslims from Indonesia, especially ahead of Ramadan and during Eid later.Now they are also concerned about the potential for increased crime in New York, due to rising unemployment.Last weekend, thousands of Americans took to the streets to protest with demands for the immediate reopening of centers and economic activities, because they had felt the effects.

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Indonesian citizen in Italy

Corona virus has killed 23,000 people from 178,000 positive cases of corona until the weekend (04/19/20).Marlina Cardioli, from Bandung or commonly called Inna, has lived in Italy for 10 years. He lives in the city of Verona, Northern Italy.Inna said, her family has been living at home since early last March.”It was truly like a dream, because at first we saw what happened in Wuhan, but now at home, in the country we live in,” Inna told Erwin Renaldi from ABC Indonesia.Since the lockdown was first implemented in Italy, Inna said the national economy has been in chaos. Many business activities have stopped, only supermarkets and pharmacies can be visited by residents.

Fear of corona virus is getting worse when you see the news in the media.

It really affects psychologically, finally we decided not to watch TV again and for three weeks we didn’t check social media,” he said.Inna then spends her time doing positive things to avoid stress.”Now the activity is increasing, the husband also works from home, we are more busy with cooking and cleaning the house,” said Inna.Entering the beginning of April, the situation in Italy was ‘a little calm’ according to Inna. This is because reports of the number of patients in intensive care are declining.But now the concern is the condition of families in Indonesia to see news of the co-19 case which is increasing every day.

Honestly,. I’m more afraid because the population is more, in Italy the citizens who have been swabbed [by one of the corona virus test methods] are more than one million people, but in Indonesia it is still lacking,” Inna said.I also see my friends can still go for treatment (beauty treatment), injection of vitamin C, even though they should not meet anyone, including their own families to save others.””This should not be considered a trivial problem, because in Italy we have experienced it,” he reminded the importance of staying at home.

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