Viral Video 3 Woman Stepping on a Cat to Death, Sexual Disorders?

Apparently it has something to do with sexual disorders.

Recently a video circulated on social media showing three women deliberately stepping on a kitten to death. The latest news, the police have arrested the perpetrators of torture these tiny animals.The horrific video recording is alleged to occur in Malaysia. The video shows three women who committed violence on a kitten.The tiny black-and-white animal was tortured, trampled on, and tied with a rope around his neck so he wouldn’t run away.Many citizens think this happened in Malaysia. In fact, someone had already made a report to the Malaysian police to arrest the three women.Quoted from World of Buzz , based on traces of this cruel act is an old video uploaded by Teleceiba Internacional. This event is said to have occurred in Honduras in 2015.

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These three women are strongly suspected of having a sexual disordercalled crush porn . This sexual disorder is a condition in which the offender will torture small animals by stepping on them to death, whether using sharp footwear or not using tools.Not only these three women, out there turned out to be a lot of crush porn communities . They are usually paid to kill selected animals in a manner determined by the client.Poor kitten is not the first case of crush porn. There have been many other small animals such as dogs, rabbits and others.

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With a report to the Malaysian police, a report finally emerged stating that if any of its citizens re-uploaded the kitten torture video it would be fined 350-526 ringgit (between Rp1.2-1.8 million) per video.According to the latest report, the perpetrator turned out to be a Honduran citizen and all three had been arrested.On May 8, 2020, Mr. Abam Cedric’s Facebook account, which uploaded the video for the first time, deleted the video.With the reporting of violence against animals in Malaysia, the police and the animal lovers community are increasingly active in cracking down on crimes against animals.

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The case of Siri’s wife’s domestic violence in Bogor, there is a mysterious grave in the house

Cases of abuse and imprisonment experienced by SM, 17 years old, who is a resident of Parung Panjang, Bogor Regency, West Java. The culprit is none other than his cousin husband, AA, 37 years old.This case caused a commotion among the residents of Parung Panjang. Because at the scene, Griya Parungpanjang Housing, Kabasiran Village, Parungpanjang District, a mysterious tomb was discovered.To the police, SM confirmed the existence of a grave in his rented house. He claimed the tomb contained the bodies of women suspected of being buried by AA in February 2020.The discovery of this tomb was revealed when the police explored the case of persecution and imprisonment carried out by AA to SM.

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Viral Video
Viral Video 3 Woman Stepping on a Cat to Death, Sexual Disorders?

Chronology of Events

Maltreatment experienced by SM began when the young woman was inside the house alone on Sunday 3 May 2020. Around 16:00 WIB, the victim was visited by her cousin husband.Not long ago, the woman who was married to AA at the age of 13 was involved in a fight with the perpetrators.SM then tortured by the suspect by banging the victim’s head against the wall so that he suffered a wound in the left eye temple.The victim tried to escape from the house by climbing the bathroom roof. After successfully leaving the house, he asked for help from local residents.

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Snared Article of Persecution

Furthermore, the victim reported the incident to his parents. Soon the victim’s parents came to the Parung Panjang Police Station to make an official report.”We have received the report and have made an arrest of the suspect with the initials A who is a serial husband,” said Bogor Police Chief, AKBP Roland Ronaldy, quoted from Pojoksatu.Because the status of this couple is a siri marriage, continued Roland, they temporarily wore Article 351 paragraph (1) regarding the Criminal Act of Abuse.”

At the moment the Parung Panjang Sector Police unit is in the process of developing an investigation,” he said Parungpanjang Police Station officers arrested the perpetrators on Monday. The police are still continuing to explore the case of the alleged confinement and persecution.