Unpad Created Covid-19 Rapid Test Tool, 80% Accuracy

This test kit began mass production in June 2020.

West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, announces encouraging news amid the corona virus pandemic. The joint research team of Padjadjaran University with the West Java Biotechnology Industry has developed a rapid test kit with an accuracy rate of 80 percent.”Padjadjaran University together with the West Java Biotechnology Industry succeeded in creating a rapid test kit based on non-antibody antigens that can track the Covid virus with an accuracy of up to 80 percent,” Ridwan wrote on Instagram, @ridwankamil.

Ridwan said the speed against Covid was determined by the massive corona virus test kits to the public. Rapid tests circulating so far are still lacking, must be imported and inaccurate (under 50 percent) because it only checks for the presence of antibodies against foreign bodies in the body which are not necessarily foreign objects that are covid viruses.”June 2020 is already in production, so there is no need to linger over imports. And the price of a rapid test made in Bandung is only 1/3 the price of a rapid test imported from China,” Kang Emil explained.

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A number of innovations

Ridwan also mentioned that Unpad and ITB succeeded in creating other Covid detection devices in the form of machines such as PCR called SPR ( Suspected Plasmonic Resonance ). It’s cheaper and doesn’t need a special laboratory.Surgical masks, ventilators, PCR reagents, Rapid Test Antigens and SPR Machines, all of these war tools against covid can apparently be made in West Java by the nation’s own children.”This is the defense of the state of scientists in West Java. Helped to fight against Covid with his knowledge.” he concluded.

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Ridwan Kamil: Bogor Ready to Produce 1 Million Masks per Day

West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil encourages industries in West Java to produce their own surgical masks. The effort was to suppress against mask hoarders.So that it will be abundant against landfillers and so prices will be cheap. No expensive clubs,” Emil said, greeting, on Twitter, Thursday, April 16, 2020.Emil said, one of the surgical mask industry in Bogor, PT Multi One Plus, also agreed to buy new machines to increase production.”Alhamdulillah, West Java, as the host of 60% of industries in Indonesia, can and is able to produce their own masks of surgical massively. This is the WHO standard export quality surgical mask industry located in Bogor Regency,” he wrote.I and the Bogor Regent requested that production be increased by at least 1 million masks per day at the end of this month.

Unpad Created Covid-19
Unpad Created Covid-19 Rapid Test Tool, 80% Accuracy

To be abundant against hoarders and so that prices are cheap (No expensive clubs). And they agreed to immediately ridwan kamil (@ridwankamil) April 16, 2020 The plan, he said, if the need for masks in Bogor and West Java is sufficient, the product will be sent to other provinces. “Only after that can export help other countries,” he said.Reportedly, there are nine factories that produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), medical masks and hazmat clothing.The factory he visited, said Emil, was able to produce 250 thousand medical masks every day, even though they had been ordered by government agencies.Maybe 2 million. So do not worry, our mask needs will be met,” he said.Emil asserted, in the next two to four months, the needs of PPE and masks in West Java and Indonesia will be fulfilled. Producers are also forbidden to export first.

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Permission Made Easier, Jokowi: Don’t Produce Domestic PPE Production

President Joko Widodo requests that the production of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE be regulated properly. Domestic needs must still be a priority.”Don’t let everything be exported, we can’t even,” said Jokowi.Jokowi said that PPE production must be strictly regulated. Good for complete PPE to masks. “We can produce a lot, so that this is regulated,” Jokowi said.In a limited meeting today, Jokowi said there were 213 countries affected by the corona virus and fighting over medical devices.He encouraged the ability to produce medical devices in the country, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.”Whether it is related to the raw material, drug, pharmaceutical industry, which is related to PPE, which is related to the mask industry or relating to the ventilator industry,” he said.

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Simplify Licensing

Furthermore, Jokowi asked all ministries and agencies to facilitate the process of licensing the production and distribution of medical devices in the country. Mainly related to the procurement of raw materials.”The availability of raw materials, I was glad that some of the raw materials can be met domestically, this is good. But for those that are still related to the import of raw materials, this is mainly customs,” he said.Jokowi also asked the Ministry of Trade to provide relaxation for the procurement of raw materials for medical devices from abroad.”So the licensing process that is fast and integrated really exists and helps them,” Jokowi said.

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