Syifa Aafiyah The Missing Beautiful Bandung Girl Was Found, This Is the Confession

For 10 days missing, he turned out to be in …

Police find the whereabouts of Syifa Aafiyah (18), a beautiful girl from Bandung. Over a week disappeared, Syifa was found in a rented house in Garut Regency.”Yes, it has been found,” said the Head of Public Relations of West Java Regional Police, Kombes Pol S Erlangga, Friday 12 June 2020.Syifa has problems with her family so she is desperate to run away. He has a problem with his mother, Rosita. But what the problem is is unknown.”More precisely (the problem) with his mother,” said Erlangga.Until now Syifa Aafiyah is still being questioned by the police. Investigators made a deepening with the child protection unit at the Office of the Empowerment of Women Protection of Children and Family Planning (P3AKB) of West Java.

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Already Planned

“To assess the victims and recover their health,” Erlangga added.When the assessment will be bridged the problem between Syifa and her family. Erlangga added Syifa Aafiyah had planned to leave home.This was reinforced by the way Syifa Aafiyah left home, using her mother who was going outside the house.”So when her mother goes shopping, she goes on a motorcycle.”

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Syifa Aafiyah The
Syifa Aafiyah The Missing Beautiful Bandung Girl Was Found, This Is the Confession

Beginning to Flee

18-year-old teenager Syifa Aafiyah reportedly lost by her family. The news of this beautiful 18-year-old girl who disappeared without a trace is buzzing on social media.”Syifa Aafiyah (18 years old) reported that @munares16 tea left home since Wednesday (3 June 2020). Info from family, Syifa went to Cikalong Wetan in the direction of Purwakarta using a Honda Scoopy motorcycle,” wrote the @sekitarbandung account, Tuesday 9 June 2020.”For citizens who know or have seen Syifa, they can contact the mother at 0813-1221-3779 or 0896-2177-0053 or DM on instagram her aunt is tea @ munares16″.It is known, Syifa left home on Jalan Cinangka, Ujungberung District, Bandung City, Wednesday, June 3 at around 10:00 WIB.

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Start Feeling Anxious

“Since then, he has not returned home, there is no news until now,” said Rosita, mother of Syifa, quoted from, Wednesday, June 10, 2020. But on that day, Syifa did not go home. Rosita who began to feel anxious had a chance to call Syifa, but her cellphone was off.Syifa’s friends also tried to be contacted, but none of them knew his whereabouts. The search is still nil until now.

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Rarely Going Out of the House

As far as Rosita knew, Syifa had no problems outside the home. Syifa is a good kid and rarely leaves the house. News of the disappearance of Syifa has been reported by the family to the Police.The mother hopes her daughter can go home soon. Syifa has characteristics about 155 cm in height with long curly reddish black hair.”Come home quickly, don’t be afraid of being scolded, mother has been looking for”.

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Police Search

Police are also searching for the whereabouts of the beautiful girl who was missing a week ago. In the search process, his party coordinates with the police station where Syifa lives. but until now the existence of a teenager who had auditioned for Girl Band on television was unknown.

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