Palace Asks People to Stand Perfect Attitude on August 17 At 10:17 WIB

Take perfect posture, stand tall, to honor the moment of proclamation

Minister of State Secretary, Pratikno, invites all people to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia by implementing health protocols. One of them for a moment stopped all activities and took a perfect attitude on August 17, 2020, at 10:17 WIB. “Stop all your activities and activities for only three minutes on August 17, 2020 at 10 past 17 minutes of Western Indonesia time. Take a perfect attitude, stand tall, to honor the seconds of the Proclamation,” Pratikno said, quoted from Wednesday 29 July 2020.

According to Pratikno, the ceremony to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia continues to be held at the Merdeka Palace, Central Jakarta. However, the ceremony was held with a limited number of participants due to the implementation of the Covid-19 protocol. All components involved in the ceremony were present there, including Paskibraka, but in limited numbers,” Pratikno said.

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Stylish Red-and-White Outfit Lively August 17

Not feel the age of our country, Indonesia, will soon step on 75 years. The proclamation day that is approaching for another month can be celebrated more lively by  with a solid match outfit stylish. The red-and-white nuance is the right choice to celebrate Indonesian anniversary. The use of footwear with both colors can give an elegant and classy impression on fashion. Currently sneakers can also be combined with formal clothing such as batik, so you can still express the spirit of independence through a modern appearance. In commemoration of Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day, Pedro launched the latest collection of ‘Independently Stylish’ created from the spirit of struggle and freedom.

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The collection consists of a pair of shoes and bags dedicated to modern men and women. Each collection is combined with a stylish finish without compromising the principle of comfort. “Indonesia’s independence has reached the age of 75 years, through our strong and close collection with shades of red and white, we believe that even the Indonesian people will fight together to face the challenges of the current COVID situation,” Sarah Angela, Brand Representative Pedro in release, Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

Adding to the excitement of the Indonesian Anniversary, you will also get exclusive carrier bag prizes for every purchase of a limited number of Independently Stylish collections. The collection is already available in Pedro’s online and offline stores.

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Greet August 17 with Culinary Independence

Soon Indonesia will enter the age of 74 years. Welcoming birthdays (HUT), many activities were held to add to the lively anniversary of independence. Not just a race, culinary specialties of the 17s are also widely prepared. The food is definitely very special because it represents across the archipelago. One who never missed the August 17 event was nasi tumpeng. Rice that is shaped like a cone is very suitable to be enjoyed with the side dishes around it.

Red and white ornaments are also commonly found in various independence menus. No longer at home, culinary independence has been upgraded to restaurants. “Welcoming August 17, we prepared a special menu of Independence Rice and Red and White Ice. The cone rice is always present on the day of celebration, we make it simpler so that it can be enjoyed for individual portions,” said Nasikin, Chef Teras Dharmawangsa, in Jakarta, Wednesday, July 17 2019.

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Independence Rice is served with side dishes, such as broccoli garlic, tempeh orel, fritters, green chili chicken, shredded eggs and balado. After that, don’t forget to end the meal with Red and White Ice made from a layer of soursop juice and strawberries. With a fairly large portion, the Independence Rice is priced at Rp99 thousand and Rp45 thousand for Es Merah Putih. In addition to the Dharmawangsa Terrace, Sahabat Dream can taste it at Patio Venue, Dharmawangsa Plataran and Menteng during the month of August.