Splashy corpse in Bekasi Bekasi Lost Stolen

Police had intervened to investigate the case.

An incident of theft shocked the residents of Karang Bahagia District, Bekasi Regency, West Java. This is because what was stolen was not a valuable item but a body that had been buried in the Karang Cemagia Public Cemetery (TPU).The police had intervened to investigate the case. Report of the loss of the body was received by Bekasi Metro Police on Friday, July 17, 2020 at around 16:00 WIB.At that time, a resident who wanted to fish claimed to see a burial ground.”He saw at 3 pm, it was reported to us at 4 pm. We checked to the location it turned out to be gone,” said Bekasi Metro Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Pol Hendra Gunawan when contacted on Saturday, July 18, 2020, quoted.

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Not Yet Discovered the Bright Spot

Hendra explained, the body that lost the initials T died due to illness in March 2020. Hendra said, his party had examined five witnesses to look for the culprit.The examination was carried out on the grave digger, the tomb guard, the family as well as several community leaders. Until now, it has not produced results.”Until now it has not been found, it has not been able to ascertain the mode and motive of the person who stole the remains,” he said.

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Viral Video Helicopter Dispose of Covid-19 Bodies at Sea, Here’s the Fact

Mobile and social media users receive video information with the narrative of a helicopter dropping dozens of people into the sea from the sky. Mentioned in the video, the people who were dropped were corona virus patients in Mexico.A Facebook account on behalf of Komar Komarudin shared the video on Thursday, June 25, 2020 with narration:”Video of the disposal of the bodies of Covid-19 victims in the Mexican Sea”

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Bekasi Lost Stolen
Splashy corpse in Bekasi Bekasi Lost Stolen

Circulating Message

Based on search results quoted from Boomlive.in, the claim of a video showing helicopters spilling dozens of people from the sky called the bodies of victims of Covid-19 in the Mexican sea is a false claim.In fact, the video was taken in 2018 and has nothing to do with the corona virus.It turned out that the video was a skydive action to break the paradiving world record by fielding 222 parachutists by Aerograd Kolomna, a best aviation and skydiving sports club in Russia.

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Here are the facts

One identical video, uploaded by YouTube channel Flacrum on August 3, 2018 with the title “Mi 26 Halo gets rid of paratroopers”.The Indian fact-finding site, Boomlive, says that Aerograd Kolomna organizes skydiving events with such formations every year.However, they could not determine the exact year when the video was recorded. Certainly the video is clearly not related to Covid-19.

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#Russian Mil Mi-26 has a Guinness World Record ??????????????????
that is a Helicopter dropping 226 paratroopers from 6500m.this could be it ….. no body would ever break it in near future. pic.twitter.com/Wdg3xyomkv- Sukhoi Su-57 Felon ???????????????? (@ I30mki) April 21, 2020The video claim that a helicopter carrying dozens of corpses of Covid-19 patients from the sky is hoaks. In fact, the video was taken in 2018 and is not related to Covid-19.

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