Spain Bans Smoking in Public Places to Prevent Coronavirus

Government of Galicia, Spain made a regulation on smoking prohibition in public places to reduce the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 corona

Since the Covid-19 corona pandemic has spread throughout the world, each country has its own way to prevent the virus from spreading. Some of them implemented a lockdown policy and various other methods that were considered effective. One of them is the government of Galicia, Spain. In order to reduce the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 corona, the government made a regulation to ban smoking in public places.

Government took precautionary steps because Spain had entered the highest ranking of Covid-19 transmission in Western Europe. The prohibition is enforced in various public places and streets around, including various restaurants, to cafes.

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No Smoking

Launching from the BBC, the smoking ban by the Galician government was announced in a press conference on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. The policy was implemented after the local health ministry reported the effect of smoking on the increasing spread of the Covid-19 corona virus.

The risk of contracting Covid-19 increases when smokers smoke cigarettes, and has the potential to spread Covid-19 through saliva. In addition, smokers are also at risk of infection from touching their cigarettes, or when removing masks. “There is already evidence to suggest tobacco use can worsen respiratory-related illnesses,”

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Spain Bans Smoking in Public
Spain Bans Smoking in Public Places to Prevent Coronavirus

Already Implemented in Several Regions

Doctors say smokers infected with Corona Covid-19 have a risk of developing respiratory infections, even complications such as pneumonia. The Galacian government began to apply this rule in several areas. One of the first to pilot areas is the northwest, with the Canary Islands having followed suit.

Throughout the month of August, France has reported an increase in Corona Covid-19 virus infections by more than 1,500 cases. This number has increased dramatically since last June, which amounted to 150 cases.

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