Seeing the World’s Safest Village: No Medsos, Zero Criminal

People work for free and there are no crimes.

A village in England is the safest village in the world. A small village in the region of Sussex, England, this provides all facilities, people work without pay so there are no crimes in this place. Local residents work but do not get paid. Children in the village do not have access to watch TV or to social media. How can this village in England be categorized as the safest village in the world? Does limited access to social media and TV make children and their communities live in safety and peace?

Reporting from the Daily Star , the following Dream summarizes complete information about the safest villages in the world, people work without pay and have zero criminal acts.

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Crime-Free Village

The resident who lives in the village of Darvell, Robertsbridge, Sussex, England, follows certain rules that help the village in Sussex become a crime-free and homeless zone. A Bruderhof community is a private community known for living a simple life. The community provides all the facilities for the needs of the residents. As many as 55 families in the village live together in harmony without any conflict. The residents of this village can freely get all the items they need from the Bruderhof community.

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Seeing the World's Safest Village
Seeing the World’s Safest Village: No Medsos, Zero Criminal

All Needs Are Provided

All necessities are provided with cooperation between residents. Even though the residents work to support the Bruderhof community, they do not receive a penny because all facilities and necessities are provided for the community. The democratic term is ‘from society to society’. Every resident is also allowed to work in the field, at school, in the kitchen, and produce clothes. As many as 300 residents in the village live with a high spiritual understanding, serving the God of their faith. They believe that the simple way of life is to follow the teachings of their religious beliefs.

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There are certain rules

The safest village in the world has practiced such a way of life for almost 50 years, but the movement is about a century old. The Bruderhof Community has nearly 300 members in 23 settlements around the world. There are many rules that need to be obeyed by members of the community such as prohibition from having same-sex relationships, and strict dress codes. Before individuals decide to become members of the village, they are 21 years old, so they have the opportunity to learn and experience life in the mainstream society.

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Community Member Stories

Picture of the safest village life in the world is captured in a documentary film entitled Inside the Bruderhof. This film tells the story of an 18 year old girl named Hannah who goes to London to experience the outside world before finally deciding to leave it all to become a member of the Bruderhof community. He left his family and frenetic outside life to join the community. At first he went through life’s various challenges, from comfort to freedom. But in the end he found himself in that community.

In addition, a man named Hardy, a member of the community, also told me, but had left the village and enjoyed freedom in the outside world. But finally he returned with all the sacrifice of his ambitions, aspirations and career, until he found peace in the most peaceful village. “I’m looking for experiences outside the Bruderhof. Almost all young people who grew up in the Bruderhof had the opportunity to do this. Then I miss my parents and friends at the Bruderhof. There I had a lot of people to talk to, while in London I didn’t get all of that, “said Hannah.

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Sharing experiences

He continued that some people thought that living in the Bruderhof village was not good. He admits otherwise, it is precisely in this village that he has many opportunities to travel, mix with people from different cultures and backgrounds. “Meeting people with different beliefs and experiences. Growing up in the Bruderhof doesn’t make us anti-social. In fact, we can grow up with better life values, and also learn life skills.

“I live in harmony with my neighbors, they are very interested in my background. It was a very good experience, and I am happy to be able to do that, ”said Hannah. He returned to the village of the Bruderhof after a year living in London. He currently teaches at a university in New York and lives with the Bruderhof community there.