Saudi Bears Corona TKI Positive Care Costs, Including Illegal Workers

There are 185 Indonesian migrant workers affected by Covid-19 and treated in a number of hospitals in Saudi.

Director of Protection of Indonesian Citizens and Indonesian Legal Entities Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Judha Nugraha, reports that a number of Indonesian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia are infected with Covid-19. They are currently being treated in a number of hospitals in Saudi.Judha said the Saudi government had guaranteed the cost of care for all people in his country who were infected with Covid-19. Including Indonesian migrant workers whose status is illegal.

“In this case the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bears all costs of care for positive citizens infected with Covid-19, even for undocumented services are still given,” Judha said, quoted from.Information obtained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, positive cases in Saudi reached 240 thousand people. Of these, as many as 185 Indonesians in Saudi were infected with Covid-19.

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Saudi Bears Corona
Saudi Bears Corona TKI Positive Care Costs, Including Illegal Workers

The positive Indonesian migrant workers Covid-19.

Average work in the domestic sector such as domestic servants. There are also drivers and nurses.Of the 185 cases, 82 were still being treated, 52 were cured, and 51 died. Transmission and death rates due to Covid-19 in Indonesian citizens are highest compared to other citizens who live in Saudi.”Indeed the situation in Saudi Arabia is relatively high with the spread of Covid-19,” Judha said.

Whereas the highest distribution area in Saudi is Jeddah, Mecca, Medina and Taif. The Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh and the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah also urged Indonesian citizens in Saudi to always abide by the health protocol by maintaining distance and personal hygiene and always communicating with state representatives if contracting Covid-19.