Saudi Ban on Eid Al-Adha Prayer 1441 H in the Open, Only in Certain Mosques

Id prayers should not be performed in the field to prevent Covid-19 transmission Eid Al-Adha

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs has banned the holding of Eid al-Adha prayer 1441 H in open spaces such as squares or building yards. Eid al-Qurban prayers can only be done at the mosque. The Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Abdullatif Al Sheikh issued instructions on Monday to ministry representatives throughout the Saudi area to select large mosques that could be used to hold Eid al-Adha prayers.

The ministry has also intensified this effort in recent weeks through a number of channels. This is to improve public discipline in implementing health protocols in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously, the Saudis instructed the Eid prayer to be held in early May at their respective homes. In accordance with the places of worship in Saudi, closed during the pandemic and only opened on May 31 along with the gradual lifting of restrictions.

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The decision to reopen the mosque is part of the stages of the Saudi plan to ease restrictions amid the corona virus. Also to welcome back new normal conditions. Since May 31, 90 thousand mosques have been disinfected and are preparing to welcome back worshipers. The Association of Arab Astronomy Experts announced that Eid al-Adha is expected to fall on Friday, July 31, 2020.

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Istiqlal Mosque Canceled the Eid Al-Adha Prayer 10 Zulhijah 1441H

The Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi, canceled the planned implementation of the Eid Al-Adha Prayer 1441 H / 2020 AD at the Istiqlal Mosque. This decision was made after examining the development of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. “Istiqlal did not hold the Eid Al-Adha Prayer 10 Zulhijah 1441 H,” Fachrul said after a meeting with the Coordinating Minister for PMK, Minister of Health, BNPB and the High Priest of the Istiqlal Mosque.

Saudi Ban on Eid Al
Saudi Ban on Eid Al-Adha Prayer 1441 H in the Open, Only in Certain Mosques

Since Istiqlal is a State Mosque, Eid al-Adha prayers will certainly be attended by many worshipers. If the Eid al-Adha prayer continues, it will later complicate the application of health protocols. “If the pilgrims have to have a temperature test for example, it will certainly take a long time if they have to be done on tens of thousands of worshipers,” he said.

In addition, said Fachrul, the process of implementing health protocols would also not be easy if dealing with large numbers of pilgrims. “Because access in and out must also be limited along with the implementation of health protocols,” he said. Furthermore, Fachrul hopes that the pandemic can end soon. So that people can return to worship in places of worship comfortably.

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Alhamdulillah! Istiqlal Mosque Will Hold Eid Al-Adha Prayer, Open to the Public

Istiqlal Mosque is confirmed to hold Eid Al-Adha prayers on July 31, 2020. The largest mosque prayer in Indonesia will use health protocols to avoid Covid-19 transmission. “Insyaallah there will be a state-level Eid prayer at the Istiqlal Mosque with the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol,” the Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi, was quoted as saying on Tuesday, July 7, 2020.

According to Fachrul, the idol prayer was also an early marker of the reopening of the Istiqlal Mosque for public worshipers. In addition, a number of preparations for Eid al-Adha are also underway. Starting from the manufacture, supply, and distribution, both print and digital manuscripts of Eid al-Adha 1441 Hijri / 2020 AD with the theme of Social Solidarity in Productive and Safe New Order Covid-19, as a reference in mosques in Indonesia.

We will distribute Eid al-Adha sermons on a uniform theme,” explained the Minister of Religion. In the meantime, the Ministry of Religion will hold an initial declaration of the determination of Zulhijah to determine Eid al-Adha on July 21, 2020. “We will broadcast a live streaming of the rukiyatul hilal reporting system,” said Fachrul.

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