Residents of Emotion Apartments, Edges of Bridge are only 50 cm away from building

Construction of this bridge also caused protests for years.

Egyptian authorities are currently building a bridge that “almost” crashed into several apartment buildings owned by residents. The development project also triggered the anger of local residents and even social media users berated it out.Quoted from Oddity Central , Wednesday, May 20, 2020, social media managed by the Egyptian government is now flooded with blasphemy related to bridge construction in the Al Haram district, Cairo, Egypt. The bridge sparked outrage because it was built to coincide with a number of apartment buildings on Jalan Nasr El-Din.Most of the bridges are only 50 cm from the residents’ apartment building. However, the authority managing the bridge construction claimed to have all the necessary permits.

Project implementer also accused the apartment buildings that had already been established without permission. Orders to demolish the apartment building were immediately carried out.The head of the Egyptian Construction Agency, Mahmoud Nassar, told Arab News that the Al-Zomor Teraet bridge under construction is part of the infrastructure and will be useful for the environment.According to Nassar, residents living in the area will receive at least 250 million Egyptian pounds (Rp230 billion) which will be distributed equally.

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Residents of Emotion Apartments, Edges of Bridge are only 50 cm away from building

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Construction of the bridge has for years been protested by local residents because of its proximity to the apartment building and its height which obstructs the view of some apartment owner units. In fact, residents said that city officials lied by saying the building was illegal.An Egyptian MP, Mohamed Fouad, said that the Al-Zomor Teraet Bridge was built in an inappropriate way. This puts people in danger because of their proximity to residential buildings, and violates citizens’ privacy.However, local authorities seem determined to continue development and call this development an important part of urban infrastructure.

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