Nithya Menen Age, Height, Family, Career, Wedding, Movies, Images and Net Worth

Nithya Menen is one of the cutest as well as beautiful actresses of the Bollywood industry. Nithya Menen started with unique as well as cute charm and making its place in the industry with the help of the same magic and charm. Here we are talking about the different aspects of one of the charming heroines of the Hindi film industry the Nithya Menen.

If Nithya Menen is the favorite actress of you, you are in the right place because here you will get what you want to know about your favorite as well as a cute actress. Talking about the different elements of the life of Nithya Menen we are just not looking at the surface of her personality but into the depth of her character. It is because we want to share one of the best as well as the sweetest facts of Nithya Menen’s life.

Nithya Menen Early Life, Age, Height, Family, Career, Wedding, Movies, Images and Net Worth

We are trying to match the expectations of the fans of Nithya Menen and, hence, trying to touch the areas of the life of Nithya Menen which are not only important in her life but also the lives of everyone. So, stay tuned with us to enjoy the beautiful journey into the magical world of the life of Nithya Menen.

Real Name Nithya Menen
Nickname Not Known
Profession Actress, Playback Singer
Famous Role Tara in O Kadhal Kanmani (2015)
Physical Stats & More
Height in centimeters- 160 cm
in meters- 1.60 m
in Feet-Inches- 5’ 3”
Weight in Kilograms- 54 kg
in Pounds- 119 lbs
Figure Measurements 34-26-35
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Personal Life
Date of Birth 8 April 1988
Age (as in 2018) 30 Years
Birth Place Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Zodiac sign/Sun sign Aries
Nationality Indian
Hometown Bangalore, Karnataka, India
School Not Known
College Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal, Karnataka
Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, Maharashtra
Education Qualifications Graduation in Journalism, Course in Cinematography
Debut Film Debut: The Monkey Who Knew Too Much (Indian English language film, 1998), Seven O’ Clock (Kannada, 2005), Akasha Gopuram (Malayalam, 2008), Ala Modalaindi (Telugu, 2011), Nootrenbadhu (Tamil, 2011)
TV Debut: Choti Maa…Ek Anokha Bandhan (Hindi, 2001)
Singing Debut: Payasa (Kannada, 2010), Edo Anukunte (Telugu, 2011), Ammammo Ammo (Malayalam, 2011), Hi my name is malini (Tamil, 2013)
Family Father– Not Known
Mother– Not Known
Brother– Not Known
Sister– Not Known
Religion Hindu
Hobbies Singing
Favourite Things
Favourite Actor Mohanlal
Favourite Actress Shobana
Favourite Colors Black, Blue
Favourite Film Director Mani Ratnam
Favourite Cuisine South Indian
Favourite Films Hollywood: Titanic (1997), The Matrix (1999), Spider-Man (2002)
Favourite Music Director A. R. Rahman
Favourite Destinations Kerala, London, Goa
Favourite Singer Shreya Ghoshal
Favourite Sport Cricket
Favourite Writer John Grisham

Boys, Affairs and More

Marital Status Unmarried
Affair/Boyfriend Not Known
Husband N/A
Children Daughter– N/A
Son– N/A

Nithya Menen Early Life

It is the period of life when a child gets most of the sweetest memories of life along with some to do different things. That is the reason this period is called the most important as well as jolly one of life. This time of life has several impressions to offer regarding the new horizons of life as well as social and in some part family as well.

What we feel during this period of life, we find it new and exciting as well and that’s why we remain under the impression of this time-frame for the rest of our lives. Our beloved actress Nithya Menen also did enjoy this period very and made some goals to achieve. The early life of Nithya Menen can be divided into two phases.

Period of Pleasure:

This can be called the opening phase of the life of Nithya Menen. During this period our favorite actress was into the valley of happiness as she can feel as well as take every flower from the garden of life. Nithya Menen has been the child who got most of the care and love from not only his parents but also from the rest of the family members.

Nithya Menen kicked off the things of disturbances with so much ease and became the product of happiness during the early phase of childhood. Nithya Menen was equally famous among the family friends as well as young kids.

The treatment which Nithya Menen got from his parents and household tradition was good enough to nurture her like the best child of the family. And Nithya Menen created the impression of an impressive girl quite easily and normally and the members of the family did admire it very well.

Period of Understanding:

We all know that time has the power to turns the table upward by leaving or pushing people into the new world of understanding and imagination. It is the time of the life of every child where he became aware of the realities of life as well as society. It is here when the children go through several new experiences and do mold his/her personalities accordingly and the same is true about our charming star Nithya Menen.

It is the period in the life of Nithya Menen that changed her vision and she got an understanding of the different aspects of life. It is not only the time when Nithya Menen saw the dream to become a movie star but started the practice to does so. The personality of Nithya Menen got changed completely and she became a sensitive and mature girl who can differentiate between what to adopt and what to leave.

Nithya Menen did not feel shy under any circumstances and took part in the ongoing circle of society. Now Nithya Menen has become the symbol of commitment for her fans by completing what she thought to complete.

Nithya Menen Age

Age has always been the question that one feels in his life often and time and we all have the experience of facing this question. That’s why we can easily understand what is and how important this question is and will be. Same is the case with life celebrities as well as Nithya Menen.

It is one of those aspects that have a frequent touch in the life of a person and, hence, we dealing with it firsthand first. So that we could the correct age of our beloved star the Nithya Menen. Regarding age, not only me but also several people are curious it is one the most important time pass of people guessing and thinking about the age of people.

They used to think that what is the age of different people and what will be the impact of their age on their lives. Oh, please and stop guessing the age of a lovey as well as a beautiful girl as Nithya Menen. 

Importance of Nithya Menen Age:

The age of a celebrity has always been a matter of concern not only for the fans but also for the people who are within the industry. Especially, when you are a female actor, you most like get a fewer number of chances as well as the time as compared to their male counterparts.

The male actors of the Bollywood industry stay in the industry for decades and do movies according to their wishes. But when it comes to the time of a female it could hardly complete a decade. Yes, several heroines have not only completed the decade but also work after that successfully.

But these are few in numbers and among those almost no one has completed the second decade at the same pace. That is why we are too much concerned about the age of Nithya Menen to know the exact filmy career of her.

Fans Age of Nithya Menen:

Fans are very curious and eagerly waiting for the disclosure of the age of their beloved heroine Nithya Menen. We all know that the Nithya Menen has become the symbol of beautiful charm and magic and, hence, Nithya Menen is in the hearts of her fans. Nithya Menen is not only the favorite actress of the people but also the dream girl of millions of people around the globe.

Nithya Menen has undoubtedly become the crush of people of almost every age and they have started off dreaming about our favorite actress the Nithya Menen. When the highlight of the personality of a female star, the age is always been the matter of discussion and hence, the matter Nithya Menen’s age is no exception.

Now, this is the time to disclose the real age of this cute heroin so that her fans can visualize their dream girl in an actual avatar. This is our sweat gift to you guys generally and to boys especially and the actual age of Nithya Menen is 32.

Nithya Menen Career

Career is the only aspect of the lives of people that is most important. It is the objective of almost everyone’s life and no one is without the career objectives. We are living in a time where the traces of high hopes among the people can easily be found. When we talk about the career of an actor or actress, it is equally important as it has equal results.

If I’m not wrong the career of celebrities is more of importance as they are the embodiment of expression for millions of people from all over the world. And that’s why the success in the field of films is very important for our super gorgeous lady the Nithya Menen. We can break the career of Nithya Menen into two parts.

Current Career Status of Nithya Menen

Nithya Menen is one of those young actresses who got her place in the film industry and now looking for a further boost. Nithya Menen like the most successful stars of the industry is doing what is the need of the hour to become among the most cherished actresses of Bollywood. The base of Nithya Menen has not only been established in the industry but also approved by the moviegoers as well as the filmy pundits.

Nithya Menen with the help of her movies achieved the right place as well as pace and has become a love beat of several fans. The fan following of this super gorgeous lady is enhancing with each of her movies and, hence, she is attracting the male fans from all around the world.

Nithya Menen is selecting the movies that are boosting her career as the heroine of the current time. It is because Nithya Menen is selecting the subjects that are equally appealing for both the fans and social issues. When we look at the current place of Nithya Menen in industry, it can easily be assumed that she is doing well to catch the real spirit of the 21st-century industry.

Career objectives of Nithya Menen 

Let’s make it clear from the very first point that when a hero or heroine inter into the film industry they always want to go beyond the clouds and the same is true about Nithya Menen. They want to be among the ones who are doing very well and in the industry for decades.

It is the period in the industry when several stars are struggling because of their actions and, hence, are not in a position to hold a high palace in the industry. That is the reason that Nithya Menen keen to be among the a-rate stars of the Bollywood and she is approaching with the right passion and in the right direction.

Nithya Menen is choosing her future projects with so much care as when you want to achieve something very important, you do not have room for mistakes. Nithya Menen wants to increase her fan following as with the numbers of fans you can get the springboard to regarding the new as well as a-rate projects.

Nithya Menen Height

If we are talking about the celebrities and are not mentioning the height then everything is just vein. It is because the height helps us to get a concrete idea about the personality of the people that how charming they are? Without knowing the actual height of a person we just can claim that he/she is beautiful but after getting the proper idea about the height we decide whether the person is charming or not.

We can claim that the height of a person decides how charming the person is. The same is in the case of our beloved actress Nithya Menen. In the film industry, you have to make sure that you are balanced enough to crack the hard nut of the standard of different requirements and that’s why the height of Nithya Menen is very important.

Importance of Nithya Menen Height in the Film Industry:

Height does matter and is very important in the film industry and no matter in what industry you are participating. The celebrities who are tall enough as per the standard height criteria, they consider the most charming ones. Of course there is work for every kind of person no matter how tall he or she is but still, the competition is very high for them.

We can recall the equation that the best get the best and, hence, if you have a good height as per the standards of filmy pundits will get the best rolls as well as chances. That’s why the height of Nithya Menen is also a matter of concerns and the fans are curious to know the actual height of their favorite actress.

They are the state of confusion that whether the height of Nithya Menen is as per the standards of Bollywood or not. Yes, they can just check the height of Nithya Menen but they are not sure that the platform they are scrolling is authentic or not. But do not worry as you on the right spot as we just did our search to inform you regarding the age of gorgeous lady Nithya Menen. 

Nithya Menen has Magical Height:

Yes, you heard it right that our beloved actress has a magical height and that’s why Nithya Menen has become the dream of millions of young hearts. We know that several actors and actresses are taller than Nithya Menen but our lady has an upper hand. Whether you are tall or short, you will face the difficulty regarding looks but if you have the balance or the ideal height you will be considered not only beautiful but also the charming one.

That’s why Nithya Menen is, no doubt, the charming as well as cute because she has a magical height. The fans of Nithya Menen do love her because they find her one of the cutest heroines of industry. Now it is the time to reveal the actual height of our beloved actress Nithya Menen and the height of Nithya Menen is

Nithya Menen Family

Family can be the most productive as well destructive institution of human life but hare in South Asia is not only the most productive but also sacred institution. It carries the values of families’ right from the ancestors and, hence, everyone thinks it a valuable asset of its life.

Nithya Menen family
Nithya Menen family

The people of every field are part of a healthy family and do not want to let it go. In fact, in South Asia, the people are loved to introduce themselves on behalf of his family and the family name is like the symbol of pride for them. That’s why Nithya Menen is also the product of this society and love to be a healthy part of her lovely family.

A Caring Family of Nithya Menen:

The family of Nithya Menen is considered one of the most successful families of Bollywood. The love and care they do share among the family members as well as to all relatives are unmatchable. That’s why Nithya Menen thinks, she is the most blissful child as she got one the amazing families of the industry.

The whole family is not only a caring one but also does support to children. They stand with the children in every decision and support them as well to get to the destination of their selection. That’s why when Nithya Menen decided to become an actress they stood with her and made the way look clear with their sweet and kind behavior.

It is pretty clear that if you want that your children highlight your name and fame then you must support your children so that they could fulfill their dreams quite easily by enhancing the reputation of the whole family. It is a clear example for all the fans to decide and act according to the requirements of the destination as our beloved actress Nithya Menen did.

Nithya Menen is a Real Light of Family:

Mostly we know that sons have the opportunities to glorify the name of his family and most of the time they do so. But it is not true in the case of our beloved actress Nithya Menen as she has become the symbol of fame not only for herself but also for the whole family.

Our beloved actress Nithya Menen is not just famous as well as successful but also most stable as compared to her brothers as well as most of the boys of the family. Nithya Menen with its strong will power and commitment has proved to all her fans that one can easily achieve what he’ or she wants to achieve.

They say that a true and good-hearted star is that who set the example for its fans and Nithya Menen with its achieving ability has become the real embodiment of true star. She with the help of her character set the example for all those who want to glorify the name of their families by destroying the status quo.

Nithya Menen Wedding

To begin with, you must know that a wedding has some rules of conduct; it can be celebrated by any person as a close friend of the spouses or a relative. It is the most precious bond between the two people as they accept one another for the rest of their lives. Almost all the families and traditions are equally in favor of this single sacred bond and that’s why this is the most important question that is asked by most of the people.

One of the most beautiful and evocative rituals is certainly the ritual of a wedding. The spouses, each with their candle, light a third larger one as a symbol of the new life together. The candle will be kept to be re-ignited at each wedding anniversary. This also is the same as the gorgeous lady Nithya Menen and she is very well into this.

Wedding and Celebrities of Nithya Menen

The wedding is the most celebrated ceremony for almost all kinds of people whether they are common people or celebrities. The family as a natural society and above all the moral and juridical equality between the spouses has the impression to make sure that the tradition is must follow step. The concept of marriage in the cultures of different societies is also prevailing swiftly and, hence, the celebrities are of no exception.

That’s why Nithya Menen is totally and completely under the spell of this precious bond. As we all know that the gorgeous lady Nithya Menen has a fan following from all over the world and, hence, to set the example she must do what is according to the traditions of Asian society.

Like all other areas, Nithya Menen is setting the path for her well-wishers in a way that they could get the image in the society by following his/her beloved star. There is, no doubt that Nithya Menen is a real gem of a cute person as she is well aware of the sentiments of her followers.

Wedding of Nithya Menen and its Fans:

The question or the news of the wedding of a star among its fans has always been a matter of excitement. That’s why the fans of Nithya Menen are very curious to know about the marriage of their favorite star. We all know that the Nithya Menen has already become the dream of millions of young boys and they want to know about the marriage of their dream girl.

Nithya Menen, on the other hand, is very keen to put forward whatever the stance is regarding her wedding. Still, the curiosity among the fans is so high and they keep searching and searching to know about the wedding of Nithya Menen. 

If you are among those who want to know about the marriage of Nithya Menen then you are on the right spot because we did our research and came up with idea that the hopes of the lovers are still alive. You know what guys; Nithya Menen is yet to decide the plans regarding her wedding stay tuned with us to know further progress.

Nithya Menen Husband

Among the frequently asked question is the one who is your husband or wife. People are always curious to know about the things relating to marriage and, hence, they want to know the current status of different peoples.

No matter what kind of field you came from or class you do belong this will be the naturally asked question. That’s why our beloved lady Nithya Menen is also facing the same question from almost every family member as well as a fan.

And the thing you must know is Nithya Menen is very keen to clear the assumptions of people regarding her and marital status. The fans of Nithya Menen are eagerly waiting for that who will be the lucky guy to tie the knot of marriage with our super gorgeous lady Nithya Menen. 

Who is the Lucky Guy?

It is not the question but the voice of the heart of the fans that is the lucky boy with our super gorgeous lady Nithya Menen is going to spend her life. The curiosity among the male fans of Nithya Menen is sky high about the choice of husband as they want to know whether he is up to the mark or not.

They do not ready to compromise the standard because it is the lifetime decision and, hence, hoping for the best for the love lady Nithya Menen. The anxiety of fans reached its height when they hear the rumors regarding their super favorite actress Nithya Menen. 

They do not even think about the false allegation and, hence, became upset when the news of false things spread without any scrutiny. They won’t hear the official announcement regarding the husband of Nithya Menen not from the false resources but from the official one which is the actress herself.

Husband Choice of Nithya Menen:

The choice of Nithya Menen about the person for the most amazing relation is and will be different as well as the special one. We all know that everyone wants the best one for itself, that’s Nithya Menen is looking for the same and we hope she will get one.

As for the real question is concerned whether there is the one or not then you must hold your nerve as we are going to disclose the fact regarding the husband of Nithya Menen. After having the true picture of the central figure of the life Nithya Menen, you will be able to decide the charm of that special person.

Because it is the fact that without having the charm, you are just not the one with whom one can spend the rest of its life. This is the fact that pushing the fans of Nithya Menen to look forward to the charm as well as the cuteness of the person whom she has picked.

Nithya Menen Movies

It is very important to discuss the movies of Nithya Menen as she is the actress and fans want to know the movies of its favorite lady. They want to check whether the movies of Nithya Menen are doing up to mark according to the standard of the cinema or just doing flat by remaining at the surface of the box office.

That’s why the question, as well as curiosity among the fan followers of the Nithya Menen, is so high and they are looking for the box office numbers along with the opinions of the filmy pundits. It is very difficult to know about the true numbers of the box office of a movie as the numbers are distorted by the makers.

But fans do not worry as we are going to describe not only the analyses of the previous movies of Nithya Menen but also will tell you about the upcoming movies of the cute lady.

Status of Previous Movies of Nithya Menen:

Nithya Menen has done an ample amount of movies which at the box office are not completely met with success. We all know that there is not even a single actor in the industry that is without flops and so is true about Nithya Menen. Some of the movies of Nithya Menen have done very well but some of them did get a normal response.

When we look upon the overall numbers of the movies of Nithya Menen, we can easily get the idea that the box office numbers are in good to well position and that’s the reason she has established herself as a good actress in the industry. The fans are enhancing in numbers as they are crazy about the cuteness as well as the charm of the Nithya Menen and every film of her is spreading the charm among the millions of people around the globe.

The fans do love the work of Nithya Menen and they are appreciating the performance in every film. Nithya Menen has done movies of varies nature and touched the range of different characters and that is the reason that the range of her fan is enhancing with each of her films.

Upcoming Movies of Nithya Menen:

It is our gift for those fans who eagerly waiting about the news of upcoming movies of Nithya Menen. They want to know what kinds of subjects Nithya Menen is going to select for the upcoming movies. It is the curiosity that pushes the fans to follow in each of their aspects, as well as the decision in life and, hence, they, are searching for the new projects of the Nithya Menen.

And yes, the news is good that our gorgeous star has signed and doing a couple of new projects which you must know so that you could get a clear idea about the projects. When we closely observe the selection of the movies of Nithya Menen, 

we can say she is doing very well and selecting movies up to her name and mark. Nithya Menen is well aware of the requirements of her fans and, hence, doing the projects of different nature which are not only appealing but also entertaining.

Nithya Menen Images

Images of celebrities are very important to create the impression of style among the fan followers of the stars. The fans remain curious about the new as well as updated posts of their favorite stars and try to follow the style of those posted versions.

Knowing this fact the celebrities regularly do post the pictures so that their fans could follow them. We know that trends regarding fashion are changing rapidly and the stars want to create the right buzz by posting the new images.

Our beloved actress Nithya Menen also does post the images as per the requirements of the fans as well as the spirit of the style. We all aware of the fact that Nithya Menen is one of the cutest actresses of the industry and, hence, we want to look more and more so that we could copy the fashion spree of this beautiful angel. 

Images Help to Create Buzz

The celebs need to look up to mark so their fans could claim that they are best. Yes, the fans always think that their favorite celeb is the best but there are several things that a star must do to maintain as well as enhance its star power. In that case, images are a helpful tool for the stars to enhance the impression of its stardom to boost the buzz regarding their movies.

Nithya Menen is, no doubt, the true product of society and, hence, kept posting the latest images of her magical persona. indeed, Nithya Menen is not the kind of girl who just shows and does not have anything concrete to offer.

Nithya Menen
is beautiful actresses of the Bollywood industry. you can get Nithya Menen Age, Height, Family, Career, Wedding, Movies and Images

In the industry, Nithya Menen has proved her talent with hard work and passion and that’s the reason she is a different kind of product and cutest to follow. By knowing the fact what kind of style suites more of her, she does follow the same as she seems very clear to offer the styles to her fans.

Nithya Menen Net Worth

Nithya Menen is one of the successful actresses of Bollywood and has a well-known place in the Hindi film industry. Nithya Menen is successfully climbing the ladder of success and rightly approaching to a higher place of the industry. The success of her movies has not only secured her a high place but also enhance the fan following around the globe.

This is the reason the net worth of the Nithya Menen has boosted a lot and enhancing as well. The movies of Nithya Menen is also playing an important role in boosting the net worth of her personality as every director is very keen to work with our favorite actress. 

Nithya Menen is equally famous not only among her fans but also among the filmy pundits. That’s why Nithya Menen has become a new sensation for the younger generation as well as her male fans. If you are an actor and approaching a place high in the industry, you have to make sure that the need for your presence will enhance with time.

It is the only method that will increase your net worth. Currently, the net worth of Nithya Menen is very high as her presence in different movies has been appreciated. This should be a matter of concern for almost all of the fans of stars. It is because they are the fans who make the worth count of an actor and, hence, they must ask for the approaching regarding the selection of the new projects.

This is very keen on the projects of Nithya Menen that she understands the unique stance to enhance the net worth and she is doing accordingly. In this way, our beloved actress Nithya Menen is setting the example for her fans as well as other contemporaries of industry.

Final Words About Nithya Menen

After looking very closely the career profile of Nithya Menen we can claim that she has already been established herself among successful actress of Bollywood. Her fan following is in millions and people love to watch the movies of Nithya Menen.

Nithya Menen has indeed become the dream girl of almost every age of people and, hence, they love to watch her on-screen. The subjects of the movies that Nithya Menen is selecting are appealing to fans as well as the masses. If the pace of success would be handled by Nithya Menen, she will be soon among the high paid actress of Bollywood.

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