Nine-year-old boy shot while making a Tiktok video

This is his fate.

A nine-year-old boy in Atlanta, United States, Javonni Carson, was shot four times. This unfortunate event occurred when the boy who was sitting in fourth grade elementary school was playing TikTok with his two siblings. According to Javonni’s mother, Keyona Carson, when recording the video, an unidentified man who was armed suddenly opened fire on a crowd while driving.

Nine-year-old boy shot
Nine-year-old boy shot while making a Tiktok video

My other two children were there too, and they witnessed everything. Someone passed by and started shooting,” Keyona explained. Javonni was shot four times in the leg and rushed to the hospital. The boy was immediately operated on to lift the bullet and repair the fractured groin.

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The shooting scene was in a parking lot outside Gaja Korean Bar in East Atlanta. The shooting occurred at around 21:00 on Wednesday, July 8, 2020. Police reports said at least five cars were also targeted. Officers found 42 bullet casings from the crime scene. Police said CCTV footage showed a man pulling out a gun and opening fire from his vehicle as he headed for the parking lot.

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Boy seconds in Serpong Killed Snake

Unlucky fate experienced by a 13-year-old teenager in Serpong, South Tangerang. Y was killed in a python. This incident occurred at Kali Rawa Buntu, South Tangerang Serpong on Monday, July 6, 2020 evening. The victim was found with his friend when he was about to catch a snake

“Y saw a large snake crossing before him. At that time, the victim and his friend wanted to catch the snake. However, the snake rebelled,” said Serpong Police Chief, AKP Supriyanto. The victim lost power so that he was wrapped by pythons to death The witness who was questioned claimed that no one had seen the type of snake. To be sure, he said the size is quite large.

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Sepaha Adults

South Tangerang Fire and Rescue Fire Rescue Team, Abullah Syafei, explained that the snake is a python with a length of approximately 4 meters. It’s about the size of an adult’s thigh. However, until now the snake has not been found. “The snake left after wrapping the victim to death”.