New Normal Preparation, Minister of Religion: House of Worship Is Opened Gradually

Government is aware of many people who miss worship in places of worship.

Minister of Religion (Menag) Fachrul Razi said the house of worship will be opened in stages This follows the government’s plan to implement a new normal during the Covid-19 pandemic.”We make a general concept that gradually worship activities in houses of worship are reopened while adhering to the standard procedures for the new normal new order that had been declared by the President on May 15, 2020,” Fachrul said, quoted from .He said there were a number of considerations until finally the house of worship was reopened. One of them, the government is aware of many people who miss worshiping in places of worship in congregation.

We know that congregational prayers have higher reward than individ ual prayers, hopefully with this we can increase our worship again,” said Fachrul.In addition, he considered opening the house of worship could provide inner peace for the community. Then, giving appreciation to the regions that have succeeded in suppressing the Covid-19 transmission rate.”So we can indeed reward those who have succeeded,” he said.

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Opening Recommended Head of Subdistrict

Fachrul asserted that only houses of worship that are relatively safe from the corona virus can be reopened. This was proven by the recommendation from the local sub-district head.”Why do we say that in the district head can get a recommendation? Because if the regent or governor is too far above. So that sometimes there may be places that are actually safe at all but by them might be generalizable as if they were not safe,” explained he.”So we suggest that authority for or ushabu be taken by the district level only,” continued Fachrul.

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Permission Can Be Revoked

According to him, the permit to open this house of worship will be revised every month. If there is an increase in the number of corona viruses spreading in the area, then the reopening permit can be revoked.”If it turns out that after being granted permission it turns out that Covid-19 has increased or transmission has increased so it will be revoked. So it’s true that we make it very fair, very very fair,” he said.

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New Normal
New Normal Preparation, Minister of Religion: House of Worship Is Opened Gradually

Minister of Religion Kaji Reopens Mosque For Worship During PSBB

Minister of Religion Fachrul Razi discusses the easing of mosques and places of worship during the enactment of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). However, this discourse is still being discussed internally in the Ministry of Religion.“Regarding the relaxation in the house of worship, but we have not submitted, but we already have the idea and I had time to discuss it with the Director General,” said Fachrul, .According to Fachrul, this discourse will be submitted to President Joko Widodo and Chairman of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling, Doni Monardo. Submission is only made if the internal discussion is stated as complete.

For example, we agree that the mosque may pray for worshipers, but the number must not be too much, the distance between people is further than normal, the distance between the shaf is farther, for example still wearing a mask,” he said.Furthermore, Fachrul stated that at this time his ministry did not dare to announce the easing plan.”Maybe later we will try to submit and discuss with friends related to this decision making,” he said.

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Minister of Religion: This Year Is Not Going Home, Going Home More and More

Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi, appealed to the public not to go home this year. The reason, there is the threat of dangerous corona virus transmission.”No need to go home, because going home, we always underline, more harm in the current situation,” said Fachrul.He invited Muslims to carry out the obligations of Ramadan as well as possible. Similarly, running the Sunna Ramadan.“We still carry out the wajin as well as possible in accordance with our abilities, but we are only at home,” he said.Fachrul said going home in the midst of a pandemic emergency could indirectly be the cause of the spread of Covid-19. Homecoming people, said Fachrul, can bring virus seeds to the village.”If we go home, without us realizing bringing the seeds of the virus to the village. In the village we also have to be isolated, more harm than the benefits,” he said.

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“Don’t Get Ready to Return to the Village”

President Joko Widodo has banned homecoming activities not only for civil servants, TNI-Polri, or BUMN employees but all levels of society. Fachrul agreed with the decision.The Ministry of Religion strongly agrees with this decision. The stipulation of the homecoming ban is determined by the government to be implemented from the beginning of Ramadan,” he said.
Furthermore, Fachrul advised Muslims to prepare themselves to undergo Ramadan. You do this by increasing the quality of worship.”Don’t get ready to go back to the village. We are just getting ready to break the fast, eat sahur, tarawih, tadarus, at home,” he said.

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