Mothers Losing Babies Due to Having to Test Covid-19

Baby was not handled immediately.

Gusti Ayu Arianti, 23 years old, should feel happy with the birth of her first son. However, what he got was a deep bitterness. Arianti’s baby died in the womb while she was waiting for treatment to give birth at a hospital in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. He was also not treated due to having to undergo a Covid-19 test at the hospital.

Arianti’s father, Ketut Mahajaya, said that his son came to the Mataram Army Hospital (RSAD) on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 to prepare for childbirth. Upon arrival, Arianti was required to undergo a rapid test first. However, the Mataram Regional Hospital does not have the tools for rapid tests. So, Arianti and her husband went to Puskesmas Pagesangan for a quick test.

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Rapid Test at the Puskesmas

Arriving at the Puskesmas, Arianti felt stomachache and was about to give birth. However, the Puskesmas asked Arianti to wait for the rapid test results. “My son is waiting for the results of the rapid test at around eight in the morning at the health center but the results only came out at around one o’clock in the afternoon,” said Mahajaya.

Mothers Losing Babies
Mothers Losing Babies Due to Having to Test Covid-19

Arianti’s husband, Yudi Prasetia, revealed that his wife was actually going to give birth at the puskesmas. However, the officer admitted that he did not have the courage to handle it before a quick test result was released. “The Puskesmas officer said ‘take it easy, it is impossible for the amniotic fluid to run out’, he said to me,” said Yudi.

As soon as the test results were quick and declared non-reactive, Yudi immediately rushed his wife to Permata Hati Mataram Hospital. The location of the hospital is not too far from the Puskesmas.

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Unacceptable Rapid Test Results

Mahajaya continued, when he arrived at the hospital, the results of the rapid test from the Puskesmas were not accepted. In fact, Arianti was required to undergo another rapid test at Permata Hati Hospital. He also questioned which rapid test procedure was applicable. Also why his son’s rapid test was rejected and had to be repeated. “So I consider it late to be handled until our baby suspected amniotic fluid poisoning,” he said.

Mahajaya also questioned the professionalism of nurses when handling patients who were in pain but they were ignored just because of the problem of rapid test results. His condition is also very emergency. “Even if you want to rest in the delivery room you are not allowed to sit outside, while the patient is bleeding and feels the water has broken,” he said. He also regretted the unprofessional attitude of the nurses. “It has no human soul,” said Mahajaya.

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Permata Hati Hospital explanation

Deputy Director of Medicine at Pertama Hati Hospital, Arief Rahman, stated that his party did not reject the rapid test results brought by Arianti, let alone ask the prospective young mother to retest. He explained that Arianti arrived at Permata Hati Hospital on August 18, 2020 at 10:50 WITA, accompanied by her husband and family in a conscious condition. The patient concerned is immediately examined by the on duty doctor, midwife and nurse on duty at the Emergency Room. Patients also bring their own rapid test results obtained from Puskesmas Pagesangan.

“There were no sentences and statements from the doctor team to the emergency room nurse who asked for a rapid retest or a sentence that questioned the results of the rapid test that the patient or family had brought,” said Arief. Regarding the victim’s grandfather who was asked to wait outside, Arief said that this had become standard procedure at the hospital. In an emergency, the guard or the patient’s family is required to wait outside the emergency room so as not to interfere with the medical action that must be taken.

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Arief added that medical measures had been carried out, such as complete blood tests, bleeding time, clotthing, HBsag, blood type and rhesus of the patient. But not a quick retest. This procedure is performed in preparation for surgery and blood transfusions. The operation was carried out because the condition of the mother and fetus was emergency, so it needed immediate rescue steps or short surgery.

“The operation was carried out at 12.00 WITA and at 12.55 WITA the patient finished the operation and was transferred to the recovery room. The medical personnel and paramedics at RSIA Permata Hati were already handling the patient,” said Arief