Microsoft Surface Pro 8 : When can I buy it?

The new Surface Pro 8 arrives with a larger 120Hz display, the latest Intel processors, and improved battery life. We tell you everything about its specifications, prices and dates of commercialization. Despite the passage of time and the arrival of new Surface devices, such as the newly announced Surface Laptop Studio Microsoft Surface Pro 8 , the Surface Pro will always be Microsoft’s most iconic 2-in-1 computer for being the first of its generation. .

It has been updated every year between 2013 and 2019, with generational leaps and important changes within the specifications of each model. Within the PC computer market, it has always been a product that has served as a benchmark for other leading manufacturers and brands in the PC world.

After last year’s break in the renewal of the product, Microsoft has returned to the path of completely renovating it both in terms of its configuration, as well as other changes more associated with the design.

Take a deep look at our comparison of all Microsoft Surface models where you can find out where the main differences between each model lie.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 : When can I buy it?

The eighth generation Surface Pro ends with the previous topics and here we tell you all its news.

When does the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 go on sale?

The new version of Surface Pro has been announced as planned during Microsoft’s celebration event on September 22, along with other outstanding products such as the Surface Go 3 or the aforementioned Surface Laptop Studio.

As announced by Microsoft, for the moment reservations are allowed in the United States where it is already possible to acquire it since last October 5. In the case of in the United Kingdom, the availability for sale becomes official from October 28.

For other markets such as Spain, the date of its commercialization has not been disclosed as it will depend on the availability of components, but it is foreseeable that it will not become effective until early 2022.

Users of the current Surface Pro 7 , or those who decide to buy it, will be able to update their models to the new version of the Windows 11 operating system , already available in its official version from October 5.

How much does the new Surface Pro 8 cost?

We start from the fact that there are still no prices in euros, since the prices disclosed so far are in dollars or pounds. The current lowest model of the Surface Pro 7 is lowered to € 764.15.

However, at the time of its launch, this model went on sale in 2019 for $ 749 (€ 899 to change), which gives us an idea of ​​what the Surface Pro 8 could cost.

Surface Pro 8 general

In the United States, the current price for the new Surface Pro 8 is $ 1,099. In this way, the price of the new edition is slightly higher than the current model, running on Windows 11 operating system.

As usual, this price does not include any of the Type Cover keyboard covers , which usually costs € 149.99 in the case of the most basic model, as well as the Surface Pen pencil that is also separate and costs 109.99 €.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8: All the news

The Surface Pro 8 constitutes a very significant leap compared to previous generations, since one of its main novelties is the new screen that increases from 12.3 to 13 inches, thanks to the use of a chassis with smaller and curved bezels .

In order to maintain the characteristic 3: 2 aspect ratio of the Surface, the device has a new resolution of 2880 x 1920 pixels. Now, the biggest change at the display level is the refresh rate that scales up to 120 Hz.

Microsoft Surface Pro
Microsoft Surface Pro 8

In fact, it takes advantage of the new dynamic DRR frequency in Windows 11 to automatically adjust itself based on the task or application you are using at any given time, emulating what smart mobile devices already do.

Also its cameras and speakers have been improved, along with the novelty of the Surface Type Cover that now includes space to store the digital pen which can be charged wirelessly.

For the purposes of processors, the user will be able to choose between the Core i5-1135G7 and the Core i7-1185G7, both designed to be part of equipment belonging to the Intel Evo platform, the category of equipment set by Intel for ultralight and premium equipment.

Only the Core i3 models use UHD integrated graphics, as the i5 and i7 models advance with Iris Xe. It is also possible to choose between amounts of DDR4x RAM of 8, 16 or 32 GB.

Something interesting about this new Surface Pro 8 family is that Microsoft maintains an advantage of the Surface Pro 7+, allowing the use of removable SSD drives. The 128 and 256 GB options can be replaced by higher models of 512 GB or even 1 TB.

Surface Pro 8 family

More autonomy and better cameras

From Microsoft they claim that the new Surface Pro 8 can provide up to 16 hours of use on a single charge, although it is a data that is based on basic daily use with the brightness located at 150 nits. In any case, it’s a substantial improvement over the Surface Pro 7’s 10 hours.

With regard to charging, Microsoft claims that the adapter included in the box is 24 W, so we can go from a charging capacity of 0 to 80% in just one hour.

Regarding the cameras, the rear now has a 10 MP sensor, compared to the 8 MP of the Pro 7. This sensor supports 4K video recording. For its part, the 5 MP front camera has not changed and can be used for face unlock with Windows Hello.

A total of five Surface products were presented at the Microsoft event, including the Surface Pro 8 discussed here, the Surface Duo 2 and the new Laptop Studio. Here we show you all the details.

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