Jokowi at the UN Session: Vaccines Become Game Changer

“Vaccines will be a game changer in the fight against the pandemic”

President Joko Widodo touched on the corona virus vaccine in a speech at the 75th UN General Assembly, Wednesday, September 23, 2020.The president, who is familiar with Jokowi’s greeting, emphasized that vaccines are essential in facing the corona virus pandemic that is hitting the world. Currently, the corona virus cases have reached 31 million.”Vaccines will be a game changer in the fight against the pandemic,” Jokowi said in the Presidential Secretariat YouTube.

Jokowi at the UN Session
Jokowi at the UN Session

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Jokowi encouraged UN members to work together to ensure all countries have equal access to safe vaccines at affordable prices. In the long term, the governance of world health resilience must also be strengthened.Furthermore, Jokowi said that world health resilience based on national health resilience will determine the future of the world. From the economic point of view, the gradual reactivation of economic activities must be started.”By making corrections to the weaknesses of the current global supply chains,” he said.

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Head of State also reminded that economic activation must prioritize the health of world citizens. A healthy and productive world must be the priority of all countries.”All of that can be achieved if we all work together … work together … and work together. Let’s strengthen our commitment and consistently carry out our commitment to always work together,” he concluded.