Innalillahi, Doctor from Gresik, passed away

Hilmi also handled the Covid-19 case in Gresik.

Sad news has come back from the medical world. Medical personnel in Gresik, East Java, doctor Hilmi Wahyudi died.This news was conveyed by the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association in the official Instagram account @ikatandokterindonesia.”Together with a very deep aspiration for the death of Dr. Hilmi Wahyudi, IDI Cab Gresik. Hopefully the good things that become his struggle, will be accepted by Allah SWT with an abundance of noble rewards. Amin YRA,” said the upload on behalf of PB Chairman IDI, Dr. Daeng M Faqih.

Quoted from nation online, Hilmi also struggled to handle the Covid-19 case in Gresik Regency. He served in Mabarrot Hospital MWC NU Bungah and Fathma Medika Hospital.Hilmi died from diabetes he suffered. Before he died, he plunged as the vanguard team handling Covid-19.

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Again, Medical Personnel Dies Due to Covid-19 Exposure

Sad news again covered Indonesian medical personnel due to Covid-19. Anesthesiologist Dr. Sulianti Saroso Hospital, Dr. Heri Susilo died on Saturday, May 2, 2020. This sad news was discovered through “Innalilahi Wa’innaillaihi Rojiun Also Deeply Grieves over his death … The anesthesiologist, the anesthesiologist, the ICU nurse, is indeed the most confronted with covid patients. Hopefully the late Husnul khatimah Amin YRA,” said the account accompanied by video understanding.In the video uploaded showing the doctor Heri is on a hospital bed. He will be admitted to the ICU and undergo medical treatment.Initially, Heri’s condition appeared to be in good condition. He was still conscious and could lift his hands before entering the ICU.

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Innalillahi, Doctor from
Innalillahi, Doctor from Gresik, passed away

Good news

Medical colleagues in the video provide support to recover from illness. There was also a lively voice giving the confinement to the anesthesiologist.Unfortunately, he could not survive. Until last Saturday at 09.00 WIB, Heri breathed his last due to the corona virus.Seeing this upload, netizens rollicking prayers.”Said grieving for the health heroes,” said the account jefryjalanjalan.”So sad, hopefully we will preach,” said andhy_23 account.

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Commotion of Medical Persons Denied to Live in Malang City Boarding House

Several circular letters from the Rukun Warga management have caused a commotion among citizens, especially in Malang City. The letter contained the rejection of doctors and nurses and the families of patients living in boarding houses.The letter was viral after viral on social media. The upload came from direct messages sent by citizens.In the upload, a circular letter was seen stating the management letter of one RW in Klojen Sub-district, Klojen Sub-District, Malang City, East Java.

“In Malang, there is already a resident pediatrician and resident anesthesiologist at the banished from his boarding house,” reads one of the messages as uploaded to the instagram account @@ lambe_turah Another message said that those who were expelled were doctors and nurses at Saeful Anwar Hospital Malang. The hospital has indeed become a referral hospital for the handling of Covid-19.“There was still discrimination for medical personnel … not just doctors … other medical personnel who were negated the same,” the next message reads.

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Clarification of Malang City Government

Malang City Government provides clarification on the circulation of the letter. The clarification was conveyed through the official Instagram account of the City Government of Malang, @pemkotmalang.”Regarding the appeal letter RW 02 Klojen Sub-district, Malang City that the letter in question was withdrawn and revised,” said the clarification.
Malang City Government emphasized that there was no rejection by medical staff.”Malang City Government has prepared four quarantine sites for travelers and one guest house for health workers,” the statement continued.

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