Escaping from the Community Health Center, Covid-19 Positive Patients Going to Shaman

Patient went to the shaman in Sukamakmur to undergo alternative medicine.

A positive patient of Covid-19 reportedly ran away from the puskesmas and chose alternative medicine in Sukamakmur, Bogor Regency, West Java. As a result, Sukamakmur was determined to be a potential source of corona virus spread.Moreover, the shaman who practices alternative medicine is treating the patient, not wearing masks or gloves. So, all people around the shaman’s practice location must undergo a test.”Later the family and close contacts in Sukamakmur will take their swabs,” said the Covid-19 Task Force Handler for Bogor Regency, Syarifah Sofiah, quoted from

Previously, Covid-19 positive patients from Balekambang Village, Jonggol District, Bogor Regency escaped treatment at the puskesmas. The patient went to the shaman in Sukamakmur to undergo alternative medicine.”The Sukamakmur case was a positive case in Balekambang, but it ran away. Went not confirming to the puskesmas,” he said.

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One Location Tested All, Including Shamans

As a result of the reckless action, Covid-19 Handling Task Force officers in Bogor Regency immediately sought the presence of patients because they were worried they would spread the virus in the community.”Then it was sought by the same medical team, PKM and Team Covid-19 Jonggol. We met in Sukamakmur and were on alternative medicine,” Syarifah said.Patients were picked up to undergo isolation at the Puskesmas. When picking up, the patient experiences a cough and is in one room with other dukun patients. In fact, all that was there did not use masks.”For pick-up officers use complete PPE,” said Syarifah.

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Imam Sholat Tarawih Positive Covid-19, One RW Residents Asked to Quarantine

Residents of RW 07, Jembatan Besi, West Jakarta, were asked to carry out quarantine after three of their warriors tested positive for contracting the Covid-19 virus. One of the three men was the imam of the Tarawih prayer at the Baitul Muslimin Mosque.Tambora Sub-District Head, Bambang Sautama, took quick steps by tracing or tracking people who had contact with patients. Bambang said there were 28 residents who were included in the ODP monitoring category.”We directed them to carry out a swab test at Pukesmas. Now we are just waiting for the results,” Bambang said,

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Escaping from the Community Health Center, Covid-19 Positive Patients Going to Shaman

Ask Residents to Run Quarantine RW

Bambang also asked residents to do quarantine at the RW level. This is to slow down the spread of Covid-19 in residential areas.”I do not want a wider distribution. So we ask for the isolation of the region independently,” he said.According to Bambang, this RW level quarantine will end after the swab test results are released. “We are waiting for it first. But hopefully the results are negative,” he said.

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Contracting from grandchildren

A total of 20 worshipers of the Baitul Muslimin Tambora Mosque have the status of People in Monitoring (ODP) after interacting with a grandfather who was confirmed positive for Covid-19. The grandfather had become the imam of the Tarawih Prayer at the mosque on Saturday, May 9, 2020.According to Bambang, the grandfather contracted Covid-19 from his grandchild. The grandchild has undergone a rapid test and swab first and the results are positive Covid-19.”Grandfather and his wife then took part in a similar test on Friday, the results were positive,” said Bambang.

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Do not Want Independent Isolation

After being stated positive, the grandfather did not do independent isolation and continued to carry out activities outside the home as usual. Even the grandfather refused to be referred to Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Hospital.”He (grandfather) said ‘I did not get Covid-19 but typus symptoms’. Well, that night I was still leading Tarawih Prayers,” he said.Bambang said that his party had persuaded a family to want to undergo treatment in a hospital. Finally on Sunday, his grandfather and his wife agreed to be taken to Tarakan Hospital.

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