Head of Unpad Research Team: Covid-19 Vaccine is in sight

New one is Sinovak.

There is no other place yet. Biofarma cooperates with Sinovak. If the others are already available, we will try the one. Indonesia has found little light in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic which claimed many lives. Biofarma, an Indonesian pharmaceutical company with Sinovac Biotech from China, is conducting a clinical trial phase.  During the clinical trial phase, 1,600 volunteers will be given the vaccine. The trial has been confirmed to be safe by Sinovac Biotech. Previously, the Chair of the Research Team of the Faculty of Medicine Unpad, Professor Kusnandi Rusmil, was summoned to the Palace by President Joko Widodo regarding the results of the vaccine research. Following is the interview with Prof. Kusnandi, as quoted from Merdeka.com:

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To what extent is research on Sinovac believed to be a corona vaccine?

So if we want clinical trials of the vaccine there are stages. First the clinic and then the clinic. Preclinically we look for the vaccine material. We found the vaccine material injected into animals. Injected on animals, animals must be safe and anti-arising substances. It was finished in a new phase I animal. Phase one entered phase II, phase III. Phase one is clinical trials for what is important is the safety of this vaccine. Phase I carried out in China was given to 1400-1500 people. It turns out that this vaccine is safe. Safe is seen from two aspects, local reaction and systemic reaction. The local reaction if injected appears red or swollen or something else. Systemic reactions, whether arising hot or faint or weak or allergic (in) the first 30 minutes.

In this vaccine he was injected indeed arise hot and reddish. But the first 30 minutes no one fainted, weak, just pain at the injection site that apparently the pain disappeared itself and the pain at the injection site that disappeared itself after two days only 30 percent of the existing sample. The others are safe. Phase two, injected to approximately 400 people. That turned out to be safe too. Pass this vaccine for phase III clinical clearance. Phase III must be 1,000. Because in addition to seeing it safe, that’s for sure. Continue to have good effects is certain. But seen its effectiveness. Its effectiveness is compared with those who get the same vaccine and those who cannot. Who got the vaccine was sick (positive Covid-19), who did not get the vaccine how many people were sick for six months followed.

So compared. In our calculations with a statistical count, the sick for 6 six months was approximately 20 (people). But most especially all those who did not get the vaccine. Injected, (followed) for 6 months there were 1,620, 810 got the vaccine and 810 got a placebo (couldn’t get the vaccine) followed by all of them. After 6 months, how many are sick? Then how many levels are formed good or not. In addition to safety seen again. That is broadly speaking.

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From the vaccine test results, what are the standards for stating that this vaccine works?

There are 1,620, right? 810 gets the vaccine 810 doesn’t get the vaccine. From the calculations there must be sick and statistically sick there are 20 people, from a total of 1,620. It’s likely that all those who did not get the vaccine will get sick. After getting the vaccine, the person lives a normal life. Where are you going, go ahead? There are no obstacles. Regarding 1,620 volunteers, are there any restrictions that should not be consumed after they have been injected with the vaccine? Nothing. Daily life as usual. If there’s anything he calls. If he is sick, he will seek treatment, what will he contact us later? Will be analyzed later. Nothing (abstinence from eating this, that).

Head of Unpad Research Team
Head of Unpad Research Team: Covid-19 Vaccine is in sight

So far, what about the safety of the Sinovac vaccine for volunteers?

It has already been tested. It must be safe. Twice clinical permission is safe. There is no way I would give an insecure love. Now I want to be vaccinated, I don’t want to because I haven’t started yet.

How many people have applied to become volunteers?

Just asking from one puskesmas, like Garuda puskesmas which has 350 registered. Exited Not yet from companies, the government, not from lecturers, from students.

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Can you tell us how President Joko Widodo asked you to test the Sinovac corona vaccine from China?

Nope. You see, Mr. Jokowi heard that I was appointed by Unpad to research vaccines. He heard Unpad wanted to make a vaccine. Cooperation with Biofarma so that I was invited by Mr. Jokowi, together with Mr. Erick Thohir, Minister of Health Terawan, the same related to the discussion. From the discussion I wanted to know how many Indonesians did not get hit. Ask how the process of making the vaccine I tell you. His target, right now, is that many people are Jakarta, Surabaya, Central Java, Jogja, Makassar. That area used to be. To reduce mortality.

After that, in other places. Because Biofarma’s production capacity is limited. At first only 40 million were made first. After that only 100 million. Our population is 200 million. So gradually So in the high risk areas first. It was said by Mr. Jokowi so we all understood. The Sinovac vaccine is a collaboration between Biofarma and Sinovak. Then Biofarma appointed me to do a clinical trial. That’s the story.

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Does this mean that you and Biofarma have been working on the Covid-19 vaccine before there is a presidential directive?

Not. So far Unpad has been working with Biofarma. The vaccine factory is in Biofarma. In Indonesia only Biofarma. Incidentally his clinical trial at the Faculty of Medicine Unpad. I have 34 clinical trials of the Biofarma vaccine. So Biofarma believes. So appointed again to the Covid-19. Aside from cooperation and clinical trials, what other considerations does Biofarma choose Sinovak which is believed to be the Covid-19 vaccine? Because what is in front of us is Sinovak. Many have died right in Jakarta, Surabaya. That was first to be vaccinated to reduce mortality.

Head of Unpad Research
Head of Unpad Research Team: Covid-19 Vaccine is in sight

What materials are contained in the Covid-19 vaccine?

The vaccine that we use is the Covid-19 virus that has been killed. So it will not cause disease and is stabilized by using heavy metals to stabilize it. So these germs that are turned off won’t cause disease. Only the loss if it is turned off can not be injected once. Minimum of two times.

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It was reported that there are different types of Corona viruses in China and Indonesia. Why do we use vaccines from China?

The new one is Sinovac. There is no other place yet. Biofarma cooperates with Sinovak. If the others are already available, we will try the one. Our red and white vaccine hasn’t been tested yet, phase I hasn’t. Just looking for the antigen. Not to mention testing on animals. Tests for new animals in phase I, phase II, are old. The fastest is 2-3 years. Even though we need to be fast. End of this year there should be a vaccine. Later when our vaccine is ready, we use what we have.

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From this explanation, does it mean that Indonesia should be able to make its own vaccine?

So far, Biofarma has made vaccines and exported to many countries. There are 132 countries. Polio vaccine, who is tetanus made? Our creation. Later, when this is finished, we will send it, but later if there is a strain that is more suitable for Indonesians, we will have another clinical trial. But as an ingredient, that strain does not affect. He will be the same strain here with the strain in China the same.

Can you explain what is meant by ‘Strain’ itself, Prof?

You said there was an Indonesian virus and a Chinese virus. The cell walls are the same, the RNA MNA is the same, so there is only a slight change and it can all be covered by vaccines. So there is no problem in using any virus as long as Covid-19 is caught with the vaccine.