Falling Cat, Grandpa Fainted and Was Tended To 23 Days

Be careful with cats, guys!

Everyone will never know when disaster will befall him. When having a day that feels good, someone can have an unexpected accident. Like what happened to an old man in China. Who would have thought when a grandfather who was walking leisurely with his dog suddenly had a very rare tragedy.

I was so shocking that the old man passed out and had to be hospitalized. What strange tragedy did this grandfather actually experience? Check out the following complete information from the Mothership .

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Fall of a Cat

Grandfather named Gao Fenghua is known to be enjoying the atmosphere in Heilongjiang province accompanied by his golden retriever . The dog walked a little ahead of him. But suddenly a cat fell from the balcony and hit Gao’s head. Suddenly he fell down and fainted at once. The tragedy also confused the people around him.

Like a video captured by CCTV, the incident shows a cat suddenly falling from the balcony onto the man’s head.

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Falling Cat
Falling Cat, Grandpa Fainted and Was Tended To 23 Days

Immediately Unconscious

Gao immediately fell unconscious. His dog seemed to be sniffing the grass beside the sidewalk. Then the dog approached its master who was lying unconscious. The dog then noticed and tried to approach the cat curled up in the corner of the building’s entrance.

People around the incident crowded around Gao who was fainted. Gao was immediately rushed to the hospital. Strangely, he was hospitalized for up to 23 days. In fact, he also wore a neck brace during his recovery. Gao reportedly had to undergo physiotherapy until his condition really got better.

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Cat Falling from Balcony

It is known that the cat is Gao’s neighbor’s pet. The cat fell from the balcony of the owner’s apartment. The neighbor who has the surname Yu doesn’t realize that his cat is missing. Then people told her that her cat fell from the balcony.

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Watch the video

At first he really couldn’t believe that the cat had knocked someone unconscious. But when he saw the CCTV footage, he finally believed it. As a result of this incident, the two parties involved tried to reach a mutual agreement regarding compensation.