Countries that Loosen Covid-19 Lockdown Policy

Community can move even though it is not yet completely normal.

Corona covid-19 virus pandemic has rapidly spread to all regions of the world starting from Asia, Europe and America. This pandemic raises the lockdown option that is often carried out by a number of countries to suppress the spread of the covid-19 virus.The lockdown option implemented by several countries is believed to have succeeded in slowing the spread of the covid-19 virus. Although it did not really stop the distribution, the lockdown option was considered successful in suppressing the number of daily cases.

Although quarantining the region is considered capable of suppressing the number of cases, but other impacts are also felt namely in the economic side, and others. Some countries have reportedly been locked in for a month or more.But now, some of these countries have begun to loosen lockdown after it is felt the number of cases has decreased. The following countries are starting to slowly open lockdowns and start the business sector again.

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China to the US 1. China

Previously China was frantically resolving the Corona Virus case in its country, but by implementing a lockdown policy starting in early 2020 and bearing fruit in suppressing the spread of the Corona Virus.The lockdown policy in China began to be relaxed since March 25. But for the capital of Hubei Province, Wuhan there was no lockdown revoked.Then totally revoke the policy on April 8. Even so, Hubei residents must show a ‘health code’ which shows a green indicator on their smartphone.

2. Malaysia

Previously Malaysia had implemented a lockdown and social restrictions since March 18. But now Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has announced it will open a lockdown, by opening most economic sectors starting Monday, May 4, which of course is adapted to health protocols.The lockdown easing is so that Malaysia does not suffer losses again, if the lockdown is extended, it is probable that Malaysia will suffer losses reaching 35 billion ringgit (Rp 124 trillion), which was previously 2.4 billion ringgit (Rp8.5 trillion).

Even so, Muhyiddin said industrial businesses involving many people such as cinemas, karaoke rooms, reflexology centers, night clubs, Ramadan markets, Eid al-Fitr bazaar, carnival sales, as well as all conferences and exhibitions would still be closed.Meanwhile, he allows for outdoor activities such as badminton, tennis, cycling, golf and running in small groups with no more than 10 people.Muhyiddin added, for religious activities such as Friday prayers and other congregational prayers at the mosque will not be allowed, as well as going home. Schools and higher education institutions will remain closed.

3. Vietnam

Vietnam starts lockdownin early April so many businesses had to close, but by the end of April Vietnam had been loosening lockdowns.Reportedly the lockdown in Vietnam ended without any fatalities. Because the Vietnamese government is immediately responsive and does not underestimate the Corona Virus.Ambassador (Ambassador) Ibnu Hadi said that during the Chinese New Year celebrations on January 26, the government had held the celebration so that people would not gather.In addition, the government is also strict in dealing with people affected by the virus, by directly tracking the activities of that person.In addition, the government is practical, not much through debate in deciding something, so respond faster. And supported by people who are orderly and obedient to implement social distancing. Therefore, the Vietnamese government loosened lockdown.

Countries that Loosen 2020
Countries that Loosen 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown Policy

4. United States

Although in the United States the highest number of cases of Corona virus, which translates to more than 1 million cases. But US President Donald Trump said to revoke lockdown rules nationally. The lockdown easing, aims to reopen the course of the US economy, which has largely been closed.The lockdown easing had begun in early May, Trump initially called for a lockdown in mid-March and ended on April 30. Even so, Trump’s decision caused a lot of reaction, the lockdown revocation was opposed by the governors and legal experts.

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Switzerland to New Zealand. Switzerland

Previously implemented a lockdown since March 19 and now Switzerland is loosening lockdown starting April 27, which allows the reopening of services, such as beauty salons, haircuts, to city parks, and some business sectors such as food are allowed to return but by continuing to implement social distancing.

6. Germany

German government announced the easing in mid-April, by allowing small shops to reopen. However, travelers’ visits are still prohibited until June 14, 2020.

7. Czech Republic

Czech government loosened its lockdown policy from April 20 to June 8 by opening up the market and business sectors.In addition, the Czechs will be free to travel abroad to do business. However, with the condition that after that he will undergo quarantine for 14 days.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand has begun to gradually loosen the lockdown that has been running since early March. The spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) was successfully suppressed and only 1 percent fatalities, and ended on April 28.Total lockdown in New Zealand for almost 5 weeks. Alert levels have now dropped from Level 4 to Level 3. At this level 3, restaurants have started to open, but places such as theaters, libraries and museums must remain closed.

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Austria to England. Austria

Austria started the lockdown on March 16, and now loosen the lockdown starting April 14 by opening shops, but is supported by strict and gradual requirements and implementing social distancing by limiting the number of people entering the store.In addition, shopping centers, supermarkets, to beauty salons will also start operating normally and will open in mid-May.

10. Australia

Australian Government decided to relax the lockdown at the end of April, it was due to the decreasing number of cases infected with the Corona Virus. However, previously it had implemented a partial lockdown by closing domestic and foreign borders, and eliminating economic activity since March 25.

11. France

France applies a lockdown almost bi-monthly, starting in March and the French government plans to loosen lockdown from May 11. Even so, the government still urged its people to continue to use masks.

12. English

UK began lockdown since March 23, and the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, decided to relax the lockdown. However, some Britons choose to continue to apply the lockdown independently because they are still wary of transmission.

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Italy to Nigeria 13. Italy

Italian government began to impose a national lockdown on March 10, and on May 4 it has loosened the lockdown policy by opening several businesses. But still enforcing strict rules, for residents who will return to work in offices and travel between regions are permitted.In addition, Italy will also re-open two airports (airports). While school activities are reported to remain closed until September.

14. India

India began to apply lockdown since March 25. Now the Indian government began loosening the lockdown on April 25 by allowing small shops, as well as traders to return to selling, but the number of employees is only allowed 50 percent in one building to continue implementing social distancing.Even so, the business shops in markets and malls are still not allowed to operate until the lockdown period ends on May 3.

15. South Africa

President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, previously implemented a lockdown policy since March 27, only people with an interest in buying basic necessities, medicines, and medical care were allowed to leave the house. But now, Ramaphosa is loosening lockdown starting on April 30 and May 1.

16. Nigeria

Previously Nigeria implemented a lockdown since March 30, now the Nigerian government will loosen the lockdown policy in three major cities, namely the City of Lagos, Abuja and Ogun which will be carried out in stages, so that people are allowed to go out to work, buy food, exercise, and go to facilities health but stay alert by implementing health protocols.

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Egypt to Norway 17. Egypt

Egypt has been holding a lockdown since March 15 by closing airports, schools, universities and gyms. But welcoming Ramadan the lockdown policy was relaxed.Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly said that business activities would be allowed to operate again, by balancing operating hours. Despite this, religious activities are still prohibited and the mosque is still closed.

18. Spain

Lockdown policy in Spain lasts from March 14 to April 25. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the lockdown policy easing had been carried out in two weeks from mid-April.

19. Denmark

Danish government loosened the lockdown policy in stages, namely Denmark reopening educational institutions in mid-April. Meanwhile, with secondary schools that will open later on 10 May.In addition, other policy restrictions such as closing borders, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, banning meetings of more than 10 people and limiting foreign trips will continue to apply, as a vigilant effort.

20. Norway

Norway has loosened the lockdown on April 27, opening a high school and university. This has been done by Norway since loosening the lockdown policy on 20 April.In addition, the ban on living at home has been lifted and some health specialists will be allowed to return to work.

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