Corona Update August 14: Continues to Rise, New Covid-19 Cases Reach 2,307

This time, new cases are the highest since August 10, 2020.

Graph of new positive cases of Covid-19 continues to show an increasing trend. Even more than 2,000s. The page , on Friday, August 14, 2020, showed the addition of 2,307 new cases in the last 24 hours. Thus, the total number of positive cases of Covid-19 was 135,123 patients.

However, there is hope from patient data recovery. In the last 24 hours, 2,060 people were declared cured so that the accumulation was 89,618 patients or about 66.3 percent of the total positive cases.

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Meanwhile, there were 53 cases of death of Covid-19 patients. Thus, the Covid-19 death rate in Indonesia is 6,021 patients or around 4.5 percent of the total confirmed cases. Meanwhile, there were 39,484 positive cases currently undergoing treatment. This number is around 29.2 percent and the accumulation of positive cases.

Until now, the number of suspected cases is still quite high, reaching 75,257 people. Some of them are undergoing independent isolation while others are undergoing self-quarantine.

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Corona Update August 13: New Covid-19 Cases Revert to 2,000s

Covid-19 cases are still increasing from day to day. No kidding, the number of new cases is now in the range of 1,500 to 2,000 per day. As in the latest Covid-19 Handling Task Force data released on the page . As of Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 12.00 WIB, the positive number of Covid-19 in Indonesia was 132,816 due to 2,098 new cases.

Corona Update August 14
Corona Update August 14: Continues to Rise, New Covid-19 Cases Reach 2,307

This data was generated from examination of 25,814 specimens. This figure brings the number of specimens examined to date to 1,809,487.

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Number of recovered patients also continues to grow. In the last 24 hours, 1,760 people were recorded as recovered, bringing the total to 87,558 people or 65.9 percent of the national positive cases. Meanwhile, the number of deaths increased again by 65 people. Thus, the death rate from Covid-19 becomes 5,968 patients or about 4.5 percent of confirmed cases. Until now, there are still 76,515 suspected cases. This number has decreased compared to the previous day of 86,619 people.

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Corona Update August 12: New Cases Increase 1,942, The Highest This Week

Data on positive cases of Covid-19 has shown a significant spike in the last 24 hours. The increase that occurred was the highest in the last four days. Data released by the Covid-19 Handling Task Force on as of 12 August 2020 at 12.00 WIB, new cases were obtained as many as 1,942 patients. This figure adds to the total number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia to 130,718 people.

This data was obtained from the results of examining 26,248 specimens. Thus, the total number examined reached 1,783,673 specimens.

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Most DKI Jakarta in Indonesia

Of these, 25,852 specimens were examined using the real time PCR method and 406 specimens using the molecular rapid test method. Patients recovered in the last 24 hours were 2,088 people. Increase the accumulation to 85,798 people.

Meanwhile, the number of new deaths was 79 cases. Thus, the total death toll is currently 5,903 people. Judging from the distribution, DKI Jakarta Province recorded the highest number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia with 26,624 cases or 20.7 percent. Followed by East Java with 25,917 cases (20.1%), Central Java with 10,765 cases (8.4%), South Sulawesi with 10,585 cases (8.2%), and West Java 7,694 cases (6%).