Coma and Brain Swelling, 7-Year-Old Boy Died Due to Covid-19

He became the first child victim to die from the Covid-19 virus in the area.

A poor seven-year-old girl in the United States dies from a Covid-19 virus infection. The girl had experienced a coma and experienced swelling in the brain.Aurea Morales, the name of the little girl died in Durham, North Carolina, United States on Monday, June 1, 2020. She became the first child victim to die from the Covid-19 virus in the area.The health conditions of other family members do not differ greatly. His mother, father and younger sister were being treated at the University Hospital of North Carolina last month after the three of their conditions worsened. The latest news on the condition of the Aurea family is still unknown.the GoFundMe page created to help the Aurea family said, “I am sadly told that Aurea died yesterday, June 1, 2020. Our hearts go along with the death of one of the Soto families in this difficult time and we pray they remain strong and find peace.

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Coma and Brain Swelling
Coma and Brain Swelling, -Year-Old Boy Died Due to Covid-19

Previously, Aurea was known to be treated at UNC Hospital as a Covid-19 patient. His infection caused his body to experience brain swelling and make him comatose.”Father, Mother and sister also contracted the Covid-19 virus. We ask that you help this family in this difficult time,” wrote a description in the old GoFundMe made by Aurea teachers.One of Aurea’s teachers, Carmen Hatcock wrote, “I don’t know what to say. My heart was completely broken. A student in my school died. He sat in the second grade. He was once my protege. I was happy to know Aurea , she’s a sweet, kind, funny, and helpful girl. “

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One of the teachers at Aurea kindergarten who had become his teacher was surprised to hear the news of the death of one of his students.”I’m still devastated and tried to digest the news. He was so excited and always happy in class. This picture is a picture of him taken on the week when I was teaching,” said Michelle Duke.North Carolina is known to have 31,000 cases of Covid-19 with more than 900 deaths. This disease is generally more dangerous for sufferers in old age, but scientists worry that the disease can also cause deadly inflammatory reactions in children.

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