Collapsing Bridge Seconds Burned, Called ‘The Image of Hell’

Clumps of black smoke were seen rising into the sky at the crumbling bridge.

A bridge over a lake in Arizona, United States, collapsed. The incident occurred after the Union Pacific train slipped and caught fire on a bridge over Lake City of Tempe in Arizona. As a result of this incident, one person must be treated for inhaling a lot of smoke. Nearly 100 firefighters from the City of Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa and Scottsdale arrived at the scene, in the morning at 6:30 local time. Clumps of thick black smoke were seen rising into the sky on the part of the collapsed bridge.

As a result, several roads in the Tempe City area had to be closed to prevent fires from spreading to other cars. Tempe police chief, Sylvia Moir, urged residents via Twitter to stay away from the scene, which he said was very dangerous. ” Some roads are limited near Lake Tempe City and west of downtown Tempe. Please avoid the area ,” he said.

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Unknown Causes

Tempe City National Transportation Safety Board said via Twitter that they would investigate the cause of the fire. The fire department told Fox News that the cause of the bridge collapse was because of several burning wooden railroad carcars. On the other hand they suspected a number of oil tankers passing under the bridge. But according to Union Pacific Railroad spokesman Mc Mahan, the tank car was not reported to have leaked, and was not involved in the fire. Fortunately, there were no injuries from the collapse of the bridge and the railroad. It’s just that a firefighter was treated for dehydratio

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Collapsing Bridge Seconds
Collapsing Bridge Seconds Burned, Called ‘The Image of Hell’

Scenery Like Hell

Camille Kimball, who rode his bicycle under the bridge before it collapsed, said that before the incident, he heard the sound of the train becoming very loud and immediately when it came out of the bridge. In an instant, flames and smoke rose above the burning train. “I was very scared to see that view. There was a fire that flowed into the lake from the middle of the bridge. It looks like this is a view from hell, really. A view from hell. The flames continued to blaze and the sky was filled with black smoke,” Camille said. Now, Tempe City Lake is closed until further notice. To note, the 2.5-mile lake is a popular recreation area for jogging, biking, boating, and close to Arizona State University. ( Foxnews )