Chronology of Arrest of Ferdian Paleka, Youtuber Prank Garbage Sembako

Ferdian Paleka was arrested while pursuing the Tangerang-Merak Toll Road.

Ferdian Paleka, YouTuber who gives trash, is fugitive and is finally caught on Thursday night, May 7, 2020. The man has become the most sought after Polrestabes Bandung for the past few days.Nearly a week he went into hiding after uploading a prank video distributing groceries filled with rubbish and stones, to transpuan in the city of Bandung.Since that admirable act, Ferdian has often been the subject of scorn by citizens. That action also made him deal with the law,

Police had come to his residence in the Baleendah area, Bandung Regency, West Java. Unfortunately, the police did not succeed in meeting Ferdian.Now, the story of his escape is over. Head of Bitung PJR Ditgakkum Korlantas Polri, Ipda Giyarto revealed that Ferdian’s arrest had not proceeded smoothly.Here are some facts that are summarized Liputan6 . com , Friday May 8 2020:

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1. Enter the People’s Search List (DPO)

Before being arrested, the Bandung Police Criminal Investigation Unit entered the name of Ferdian Paleka in the people search list (DPO). The police began to hunt for Ferdian by spreading photos of the perpetrators.Head of Bandung Criminal Investigation Unit, AKBP Galih Indragiri, said that besides Ferdian, the police also distributed photos of other perpetrators with the initials A.”We have spread (the identity of the perpetrators) both,” Galih said in Bandung, as reported by Antara .Entering the fourth day, Indragiri appealed to Ferdian and A to surrender to the police.Because the police will definitely take decisive action if they are not cooperative in this case. “We urge the perpetrators to surrender themselves better,” he said

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2. Police tracked

Bandung Police Chief, Ulung Sampurna Jaya Commander, explained that his party continued to pursue the perpetrators. Before being caught, it was reported that Ferdian Paleka was traced to his presence in Bogor.”Yesterday he (Ferdian Paleka) was in Bogor. He was outside the city, we checked there in Bogor, we were again chased to Bogor,” Ulung said.

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3. Caught on the Tangerang-Merak Toll Road

Ferdian Paleka’s YouTuber escape is over. This man from Bandung was finally arrested by police on Friday, May 8, 2020 in the early hours of the morning.Judging by the upload of Muhammad Gariz Luis Ma’luf, who was a member of the police force, Ferdian Paleka was caught by the Bandung Polrestabes team on the Tangerang-Merak Toll Road, at KM 19.

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Chronology of Arrest 2020
Chronology of Arrest 2020 of Ferdian Paleka, Youtuber Prank Garbage Sembako

4. Arrests Not Going Seamlessly

Head of Bitung PJR Ditgakkum Korlantas Polri, Ipda Giyarto said the seconds of Ferdian’s arrest. He said, Ferdian’s arrest on the toll road did not go smoothly. The car that was driven by Ferdian on the Tangerang-Merak Toll Road, going from Banten to Jakarta, did not want to be stopped by police officers.”He had been chasing, from around KM 21 or 22, so he just wanted to be dismissed,” said Head of Bitung PJR Ditgakkum Korlantas Polri, Ipda Giyarto when contacted , Friday, May 8, 2020.After successfully dismissed, Ferdian was immediately taken and secured to West Java Police Headquarters, for further examination.

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5. Secured Together with 2 Other People

Ferdian Paleka was arrested by the police after escaping from Banten. Head of Bandung Criminal Investigation Unit AKBP Galih Indragiri said he was secured along with two other people. Where one of them is pakde from Ferdian.“West Java Police Jatanras Team succeeded in securing 3 people namely Ferdiansyah alias F, Aidil alias A and Jamaludin Alias ​​J (Pakdenya Si F),” he told , Friday, May 8, 2020.Galih added, Ferdian Paleka and two others were arrested after leaving Merak Port at around 01.00 WIB.”The target is secured in the Jakarta-Peacock Toll Road area of ​​Tangerang, after leaving the Merak Port at around 01.00 WIB, now the suspects are temporarily taken to West Java Regional Police,” he said.

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6. All Perpetrators Have Been Arrested

From this case, the police have succeeded in securing four perpetrators. Where another person first surrendered to the police station.”All of the prank cases have been secured, other than the initials T which had been secured by the Bandung Criminal Investigation Sat Team,” he concluded.

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7. Different Appearance

When creating Ferdian content, he still has blonde hair and a thin mustache. But when he was arrested he was far more smooth with black hair. Not as cheerful as distributing trash-filled food to transparents, Ferdian Paleka’s expression this time was very different.During the arrest, it was seen that the police had secured Ferdian Paleka by handcuffing his hands. He also could only bow down listlessly facing the reality of dealing with the law because it makes a video to share food containing rubbish to transpuan. Her eyes also looked blank.

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