Cannot Meet Grandchildren, Jokowi Can Only Video CallThis was done for the health of himself and his grandchildren.

All people are asked to stay at home during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

No exception Gibran Rakabumin and Jan Ethes, children and grandchildren of President Jokowi who live in Solo, Central Java.They remained in Solo and did not go to Jakarta. Removing homesick can only be done via video calls. On Saturday, May 9, 2020 yesterday, Jokowi video call Ethes and his granddaughter, Sedah Mirah.The third conversation was shared by Gibran, in the WhatsApp Solo journalist group.

According to Gibran, when the camera was connected, the three were happily chatting.”Ethes and Sedah are struggling to talk, Mbah Owi (Jokowi) laughs, the atmosphere is crowded even though it is far,” Gibran said.”Does Ethes and Sedah drink milk?” Gibran said imitating Jokowi.

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Jokowi missed

Then both of them compactly answered the floor. “Udaaah Mbah !,” Gibran said, imitating Ethes and Sedah.Then Jokowi answered. “Yes, Ethes and Sedah play with you first at home, Mbah will definitely have another video call,” Gibran said, imitating Jokowi again.”You miss you, but you can’t find it, be patient,” Jokowi concluded as imitated by Gibran.They just want a video call with me, no one wants a video call with me
Unfortunately the dinosaur just became a hangover cell phone Kaesang Pangarep (@kaesangp) May 9, 2020
Gibran conveyed, although the meeting via the video call was very brief, but he was sure he could give encouragement. Good for Jokowi and family.”Wong usually calls his own son,” he concluded.Arie Sunaryo

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Jokowi: We are not going home because we love our family

Jokowi continues to ask the nomads not to go home to hometown to prevent the spread of the corona virus. According to him, not going home became the right choice to protect families in the village from being infected by Covid-19.”Not going home is the wisest way to protect families in the village,” wrote Jokowi on Instagram, @jokowi , Saturday, May 9, 2020.
Jokowi added, in previous years, the Lebaran homecoming period had been awaited moment by the community. Many people are homesick and want to meet parents, relatives, and friends.

Cannot Meet Grandchildren, Jokowi 2020
Cannot Meet Grandchildren, Jokowi 2020 Can Only Video CallThis was done for the health of himself and his grandchildren.

But the world is gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Jokowi wrote.According to the president whose full name is Joko Widodo, by being patient in holding back homesickness, we have taken a role in breaking the chain of the spread of the Covid-19 virus.”We are not going home because we love our family,” he added.

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Jokowi: In May the Covid-19 Case Curve Must Be Already Down

President Joko Widodo instructed all relevant institutions to immediately reduce the curve of the Covid-19 case. He asked that the curve must have gone down in May 2020 so that it was expected that in July it would enter a mild phase in July it must enter a light position. In any way,” Jokowi was quoted from .According to Jokowi, the task cannot only be carried out by the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19. For this reason, Jokowi asked all elements ranging from government officials, volunteers, to political parties to help so that in July 2020 there are no more cases of corona virus infection in Indonesia.”I am sure that if we are united, if we are disciplined in implementing health protocols, all the plans we have prepared in the past can overcome Covid as soon as possible,” he said.

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Ask the Minister to mobilize labor to handle Covid-19

In addition, Jokowi also reminded his ministers that the focus of the work now is to control and reduce corona cases as quickly as possible.He asked his staff to mobilize all their energy and energy to control and handle the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic”I see the country that will be the winner is the country that has overcome Covid-19,” Jokowi said.Earlier, Chair of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Doni Monardo, said the government targeted the Indonesian people to return to normal life in July 2020.

Jokowi often asked the authorities to be more assertive towards violators related to Corona.”The president asks all of us to be able to work harder and invite the public to be more obedient, disciplined, and apparatus to be more assertive, so that in June we will be able to reduce the Covid-19 case in Indonesia,” Doni said.”So in July it is hoped that we can begin to start a normal life again,” continued Doni.

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