Bio Farma is Ready to Produce 100 Million Covid-19 Vaccines per Year

Capacity will be increased to 250 million doses after the initial production is completed.

PT Bio Farma is involved in a three-phase clinical trial of a candidate for a vaccine made by Chinese pharmaceutical company, Sinovac Biotech If this clinical trial is successful, Bio Farma is ready to produce up to 100 million doses per year.

“We from Bio Farma have the task to ensure the capacity of this vaccine production can be managed properly, so far we have prepared 100 million doses per year,” said Director of Bio Farma, Honesti Basyir,  Honesti said, Biofarma has plans to develop production capacity up to 250 million doses per year. However, the target will only be pursued after the first phase of production has already begun.

“We will expand to 250 million doses per year, but for the first stage according to the target of completion of clinical trials in January 2021. When clinical trials are completed and the distribution permit is issued, we have targeted to be able to complete 40 million doses per year,” he said.

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Bio Farma is Ready to
Bio Farma is Ready to Produce 100 Million Covid-19 Vaccines per Year

At present, the prospective Covid-19 vaccine from China is kept at Bio Farma following international procedures.

“When the clinical trial will begin, I will give it to the clinical trial team to immediately be vaccinated to a sample of 1,620 people,” he said. The clinical trial is planned in Bandung. While the executor is the Padjadjaran University research team.

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Coordinator of clinical trials for Covid-19 vaccine candidate, Kusnandi Rusmil, said that he had met President Joko Widodo. According to him, Jokowi provides full support for this clinical trial and will assist all needs for testing. “We plan to complete this clinical trial in January,” Kusnandi said. He said the clinical trial needed 1,620 volunteers in the age range of 18-59 years. To the volunteers an injection will be taken by the Ministry of Health. “I have to do a truly effective and safe vaccine test from and in statistical calculations I will gather around 1,620 people,” he said.