Best cheap tablets for sale under 100

A whole series of recommendations to take into account when buying the best cheap tablet of this year, be it Windows, Android, FireOS or Apple iOS. All the best at the lowest price. Amazon is currently the king of cheap tablets on the market. Just take a look at their website and find that the Fire 7 tablet has a price of only € 69.99, cheaper even than some of its electronic book readers or e-readers.

There are also usually special discounts taking advantage of key sales dates or offers that certain establishments launch, offers of which we will be attentive to keep you informed. Another of the models that we recommend for performance (better than the Fire 7) is the Fire HD 8 since in return you get a better and larger screen, Dolby Atmos Dual stereo sound and a larger battery capacity.

Now, we cannot omit that it is a different tablet from the rest because it depends on its ecosystem and it is not a standard Android model that can work with Google applications.  In this report we intend to offer you a complete list of the best inexpensive tablets on the market, whether it is Android, FireOS, Windows or even iOS models. In the case of the iPad, the cheapest model is the 10.2-inch iPad whose entry price is € 379.

If you are looking for the best tablets for girls and boys, you can also find here a complete buying guide for the best tablets.

Best cheap tablets
Best cheap tablets

Best cheap tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.1 ”

$ 199

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A tablet range is one of the cheapest but not for that reason, products that are not interesting. In fact, there is the possibility of choosing between an 8-inch Galaxy Tab A model for € 119 , and the 10.2-inch Galaxy Tab A discussed here . In both cases, they are next-generation tablets with bright screens and a 16:10 aspect ratio to ensure optimal viewing of content in both portrait and landscape formats.

The included processor is 2 GHz quad-core accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. This amount can be expanded thanks to the microSD slot. The battery capacity is 5100 mAh, which favors video consumption. Although the new Galaxy Tab S Series models are very advanced in performance, they are also much more expensive solutions. In this way, Samsung’s most economical range has a wide range from which to choose, including models from previous years at reduced prices.

Amazon Fire 7 (2022)

$ 49.99

It belongs to the new generation of Fire, with an excellent quality-price ratio. In fact, it is the cheapest model in the range and unless you don’t get used to the FireOS operating system interface, it is a highly recommended tablet. If you also have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can have one of the best experiences with Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Reading on your Amazon Fire 7 tablet , thanks to its own integration made in the Amazon operating system.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

From $ 399.99 | Model reviewed $ 549.99

With a minimalist design in the body of a 10-inch screen, the Surface Go 2 is the most economical Microsoft Windows tablet you can buy, without giving up the versatility of the Surface range. In essence, it is the closest thing to handling an iPad when answering emails, surfing the web and watching videos or reading. Its kickstand is adjustable to be able to adopt different viewing angles during its different modes of use.

To develop comfortable typing, you will have to purchase the Signature Type Cover for Surface Go, which is currently priced at € 129.99. The other must-have component of the Surface Go is the Surface Pen with natural writing. If you’re concerned about the Surface Go 2’s capabilities for creating content, you can opt to go for the top model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, as the basic version comes with 4GB and 64GB. A model with a 4G LTE connection is also marketed.

Best cheap tablets for sale under 100
Best cheap tablets for sale under 100

In short, the Go is the Surface of choice for all those looking for mobility in a Windows environment in a compact format at the lowest price. Of course, along the way you will not be able to edit video, compose music or play with advanced titles.

Apple iPad

$ 329

If you’ve never owned an iPad before, or if you own an iPad from a few years ago (the iPad Air 2, for example, or the fifth-generation iPad from 2017), the iPad 2020 model is not only the cheapest, but it is also the gateway to iPadOS. It’s lightweight, portable, fast enough, and comfortable for whatever application you need to handle right now, all at a fairly affordable price. And you still have a headphone port, which is a dying luxury these days.

Just keep in mind that this is very much on the bargain end of what Apple iPads have to offer, and you inevitably have to admit to certain compromises. For starters, the storage, as it is disappointing that Apple offers 32GB at the entry level. It is a huge restriction for those who want to store music, photos, and videos on their device, or intend to run a large library of games. Cloud-based services like Apple Music and iCloud Drive will help you, but at a cost.

Although the performance of the iPads Air or iPad Pro is well above, the cheaper version of Apple iPad will not disappoint you to consult information, handle emails or use it in your day to day.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

$ 235 (Wi-Fi) | $ 250 (LTE)

If we talk only about hardware, then Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is possibly one of the best Android tablets you can find, especially in this compact screen format of only 8 inches. Among its features to highlight, it is worth mentioning that its screen is Full HD with quite decent hardware, including the Snapdragon 660 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Xiaomi has also added support for microSD, and there is an LTE version.

Design changes result in a more manageable device for one-handed use and improved audio with the speakers now located on the bottom edge of the tablet. We are surprised to see that the GPS of the Mi Pad 4 does not meet the specifications, and the Mi Pad 4 also neglects the connectivity by NFC. Although it has notable improvements compared to the previous generation, the size and resolution of the screen, as well as the battery capacity have been reduced.

You should know that Xiaomi, as it does on its smartphone, integrates the MIUI customization layer which for some will be favorable but for others it will be somewhat more confusing than handling a tablet with pure Android. As far as hardware is concerned, you will be acquiring a good tablet.

Amazon Fire HD 8

from $ 79.99

If it turns out that you are not one of those who need Google applications on your tablet, this is the best tablet you can find for this price. It’s worth the extra expense over the Fire 7, with a bigger and better screen, as well as higher battery capacity. Unless you are buying it to be used by your children, for which the Fire 7 can be more manageable and compact to carry around, the Fire HD 8 is a better buy .

In addition, it is now possible to use the hands-free mode together with the Alexa assistant, or to pair the Fire HD 8 with any other Alexa speaker of the brand. If you want to watch streaming content from platforms like Prime or Netflix and not much else, this tablet is the natural purchase.

What is the best tablet under $100?

8 Best Tablets under $100

  • Lenovo Smart Tab M8.
  • Amazon Fire 8 HD 2020 #Best-Seller.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite.
  • Amazon Fire 7.
  • Vankyo MatrixPad Z1.
  • Dragon Touch 7-inch Tablet.
  • Alldocube iPlay 7T.
  • Emerson EM756BK Android.

What size tablet screen do I need?

First, you need to decide which screen size will be the most appropriate. Do you want a manageable tablet with a screen of only 7 inches? Or, do you need a tablet with a bigger screen? We can’t tell you what is best for you, but in general, a 7 or 8-inch model is better to carry around. In the case of models with a 9 or 10-inch screen, it is good if you only need it to travel with it occasionally. However, each one has certain peculiarities and you may prefer a larger size to handle better or answer emails. In any case, look for a screen with an IPS panel, as this technology is almost a guarantee that you will have good colors and viewing angles.

It doesn’t specify specific brightness and contrast values, but almost all the IPS displays we’ve seen are good. Resolution does not seem to be as determining a value as pixel density can be, a fact to pay attention to since the figure is directly related to the size of the screen: look for at least 220 pixels per inch in any of them .

How much storage do I need?

As you might expect, you won’t get a lot of storage on a cheap tablet, but as is often the case with Android models, you’ll find that they have a microSD-type memory card slot. Although the older Amazon tablets did not support it, you should know that the firm has currently jumped on the bandwagon and is already contemplating the possibility of expansion.

Consider purchasing a model that has at least 16GB. Buying a tablet with only 8 GB is quite a risk, especially if it turns out that it does not have support for microSD cards. It is an amount that is occupied by the operating system and the pre-installed applications.


Most of the cameras offered by a tablet (and much less the economic models) are relatively poor in this section compared to what any current smartphone has. Don’t expect great quality photos or videos on this range of tablets, but if this is important, check out our reviews to see which tablet has the worst cameras.


Do not pay special attention to the processor data, since you will not find too many differences between the entry-level tablet models. It is easy to think that a tablet will perform better or worse depending on the GHz or RAM, but it is not.

Software and ecosystem

If you decide that an Amazon Fire tablet is not for you, the most viable alternative is to bet on one of the Android models, where you will find great competition. IPads don’t fall into the low-budget category, so you’ll only find them in this article on the best iPads of 2020 . Android is a great operating system, but it doesn’t mean that all cheap Android tablets are great. There are many little-known brands so you shouldn’t get carried away with just good specs.

Which can be downloaded for your use. The Google Play store has a wide selection but is sometimes limited by the fact that the device has an old version.