Bengkulu City Tightens Covid-19 Protocol, Intensive Socialization by a Number of Figures

Starting from RT, RW, community leaders, religious leaders, youths, all have persistently asked to obey health protocols.

Bengkulu City Government has tightened the implementation of health protocols to prevent Covid-19 with the issuance of Mayor Regulation Number 29 of 2020. In order for the Perwali to be effective, a number of parties ranging from RT heads, RW heads, community leaders, religious leaders to youths are actively carrying out socialization. Members of the Bengkulu Police Bhabinkamtibmas have collected a testimony containing an appeal for health protocol discipline from the leaders. One of them is the Chairman of RW 02, Malabero Urban Village, Raden Nurwansyah.

“I urge the public, especially those in RW 02, Malabero Village to comply with Perwali Number 29 of 2020 concerning Health Protocol Discipline Enforcement so that we can avoid Covid-19. The method is easy, always wear a mask when outside the house, keep your distance, wash it. hands with soap, avoid the crowd, “said Raden. Raden emphasized that this Perwali must be taken seriously by the community. This is to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.

Bengkulu City Tightens Covid-19
Bengkulu City Tightens Covid-19 Protocol, Intensive Socialization by a Number of Figures

“Because this is a worldwide epidemic, let’s keep our health together to avoid Covid-19, I hope we and our families are safe and always healthy,” said Raden. A similar appeal was made by the Head of LPMP Kebun Keling Village, Rohim. He appealed to the people of Bengkulu City, especially residents in Keling Kebun Keling to comply with health protocols considering the graph of Covid-19 infection cases continues to rise “Why did the Mayor issue the Perwali because he loves his people, he cares about our safety.

So if we are disciplined together to wear masks, keep our distance and wash our hands, God willing, we will all avoid Covid-19,” said Rohim. Likewise, the head of Ros’s Kebun Adat, Ruslan Efendi. He invited all people to obey Perwali. “The mayor has issued Perwali Number 29 of 2020, let’s obey it together. Don’t forget to pray together. Hopefully we will all be healthy and avoid the Covid-19 virus,” said Ruslan.