Arrogant Will Use Mask, War Veterans Died As a Result of Corona

According to him the use of masks is just a ‘trend’.

As a result of refusing to wear a mask, a veteran of the United States Army in Ohio died from complications from a corona virus infection.According to the obituary reported by the People page , Richard Rose III, 37, from Port Clinton, died on July 4.Richard is known to have served in the US Army for nine years and served in two places namely Iraq and Afghanistan.

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On April 28, he posted a narration on his Facebook account that he ignored official appeals for wearing masks during the corona virus pandemic.According to him the use of masks is just a ‘trend’.”Let me explain this,” Rose wrote.”I won’t buy that mask. I’ve come this far where I won’t buy that thing.”

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Be a Warning to the Community

Controversial post garnered more than 5,000 reactions, more than 800 comments, and has since been shared by nearly 20,000 people.In the comments column, many people criticized Rose’s decision not to wear a mask, some mocking the veteran after hearing about his death.”Rick is being talked about right now because his decision to refuse wearing a mask is the wrong thing,” Nick Conley, a friend of Rose, told the local station WOIO.

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Arrogant Will
Arrogant Will Use Mask, War Veterans Died As a Result of Corona

“We must remain compassionate even though we disagree. Someone has died and we must still have compassion.”Conley said he was “shocked” by Rose’s death, he never thought the virus would kill someone his age.

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According to WOIO, Rose tested positive for COVID-19 on July 1 and died three days later.His family told him that he had no history of illness.”It’s terrible that we lost Rick but the more tragic part of it is who else is infected because of the actions he chose,” Conley added.He hopes Rose’s decision not to wear a mask will be a warning to others during this pandemic.