10 Doomsday Signs, Here’s the Sequence of the End of the World Event

There are various signs of doomsday. The following explanation

In Islam, the Day of Judgment is part of the pillars of faith. On the Day of Resurrection, humans and all creatures experience the end of world civilization.Judgment Day is also referred to as yaumul qiyamah, yaumul reckoning and so on. Doomsday is defined as the destruction of the universe and all life on earth, the resurrection of the dead and then judged by their deeds.Regarding the time of its occurrence, no one knows when the Day of Judgment will occur. Even the Prophet Muhammad did not know when the doomsday occurred. Judgment Day is a provision that only Allah knows.

Doomsday itself is mentioned in various Surahs in the Qur’an and specifically in Surah Al-Qariah. There are also some hadith propositions that discuss it. Actually there are various opinions of the scholars regarding the sequence of the occurrence of signs of doom.Imam Al-Qurtubi said that the signs of the great apocalypse mentioned together in the hadiths are not sequential, including the Muslim history of Hudzaifah.

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There are 10 Signs of Doom

One of the authentic traditions relating to definite doom is the hadith narrated by Imam Muslim in his Sahih and also narrated by several narrators of the hadith and recognized by the scholars is the following hadith:

Hadith Regarding the Sequence of Doomsday NU Online.It means, “From Hudzaifah bin Asid Al-Ghifari said, Rasulullah SAW approached us when we were talking about something. He asked, ‘What are you talking about?’ We answered, ‘We are talking about the end.’ He said, ‘Doomsday does not occur so you see the ten signs before.’

Rasulullah mentioned fog, Dajjal, animals (ad-dabbah), the rising of the sun from the west, the fall of Isa bin Maryam AS, Gog and Ma’juj, three eclipses; eclipse in the east, eclipse in the west and eclipse in the Arabian peninsula and finally fire arose from Yemen to lead people to their assembly, “(See Abul Husain Muslim bin Hajjaj bin Muslim An-Naisaburi, Al-Jamius Sahih [Beirut, Darul Afaq Al-Jadidah: without the year], juz VIII, page 178).

The signs of doom in this hadith are called the signs of the Doomsday Kubra (the last day). There are ten signs of doom that are mentioned in this hadith.First , the appearance of fog (dukhan); Second , the appearance of the Antichrist; Third , the emergence of the Dabbah; Fourth , the rising sun from the west; Fifth , the Exit of Gog and Magog; Sixth , the emergence of Isa bin Maryam; Seventh , There are three eclipses in the east; Eighth , eclipse in the west; Ninth , the eclipse in the Arabian peninsula; Tenth , the fire that emerged from Yemen then led people to a gathering place.

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10 Doomsday Signs 2020
10 Doomsday Signs 2020, Here’s the Sequence of the End of the World Event

Many Differences Regarding Doomsday Signs that have occurred
According to Ulama Imam Al-Qurthubi said that there are other traditions that mention these signs in sequence, namely Muslim traditions from Hudzaifah in a different history, which states that the sign that first appeared was three eclipses.By Al-Qurthubi this incident had already happened in the time of the Prophet Muhammad. While the signs afterwards are still much debated in order. (See Muhammad Syamsul Haq Abadi, Aunul Mab’ud Syarh Abu Dawud, [Beirut, Darul Pole Al-Ilmiyah: 1415 H], juz XI, pages 290-291).

The conclusion from the study of the hadith related to the signs of doom is the signs of doom that are mentioned in the hadith are only predictions of the Prophet Muhammad. Even the certainty of the order is still debated. So is the time of the incident.There are those who say that some have already happened and some say that it has not yet happened, even this debate has occurred during the time of friends. If there are events in the present that are consistent with the signs of doom that are mentioned in the various traditions, it is not necessarily a sure sign. It could also be that the same event will occur in the future because the Prophet Muhammad himself did not know when these signs occurred.

This is in accordance with what has been mentioned by Al-Quran Surat Al-A’raf verse 187 when the Prophet Muhammad was asked when the Resurrection.Surah Al A’raf: 187 About Doomsday. It means, “They ask you about the apocalypse, ‘When did it happen?’ Say, ‘Indeed the knowledge of the Hour is on the side of my Lord. No one can explain the time of his arrival besides Him. ‘”

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Wisdom Not Knowing When Doomsday Occurred

According to the cleric, Fakhruddin Ar-Razi, one of the lessons he did not know when the apocalypse occurred was so that people would continue to worship and prevent themselves from immoral acts without regard to when the apocalypse occurred.Therefore, the wise way to understand and bring together the traditions about the different doomsday is by reviewing the intentions of the prophet (maqasidi) when mentioning these signs to the companions.At that time the friends were still wondering about the truth about the end of the world.

Prophet’s answer by mentioning these signs was intended so that the friends did not spend time to always think of the apocalypse. In addition, the uncertainty of the signs of the apocalypse in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is only as a reinforcement that the end of the world does exist, but will not be mentioned when they occur.All of this aims to make believers always worship anytime and anywhere without knowing the time. If the end and the signs are clear, then everyone will underestimate his worship and only worship when approaching the apocalypse. Allah knows best.

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