Splashy brown rain in the Swiss sky, here’s the explanation

How can there be brown rain in a Swiss city?

Phenomenon of rain is usually seen with water falling from the sky. An unusual natural event is the rain of ice blocks that have occurred several years ago. However, residents of the industrial area of ​​Olten, which is one of the cities in northwestern Switzerland, are reported to be experiencing cocoa powder rain from the sky. This horrendous event in cyberspace began with the upload of the @olten account on Twitter. In the upload, the account owner uploaded a photo showing the hood of a white car filled with cocoa powder.

This incident was actually experienced by residents in the industrial area of ​​Olten, a city in northwest Switzerland. This happened for several days until now. Reported by Oddity Central , local residents reported rain of cocoa powder from the sky for several days until now. Local residents do not believe in this unique phenomenon. The authorities immediately found out the truth of the brown rain. After investigating, it turned out that the authorities found the cause of the cocoa powder rain.

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Splashy brown rain
Splashy brown rain in the Swiss sky, here’s the explanation

Causes of Chocolate Rain

It should be noted, Olten City is home to the Lindt & Spruengli chocolate factory. Meanwhile, the brown rain that occurred was apparently caused by the factory. Switzerland is known to be the best chocolate making country in the world, so it’s no wonder that it rains chocolate in that country. The Lindt & Spruengli plant experienced a malfunction of the cooling ventilation system of the cocoa roasting line in the factory which caused the powder to be released into the outside air. Strong winds in the area caused cocoa powder from the factory to be blown into nearby residential areas.

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Harmless to Humans

The chocolate factory has also worked hard to fix ventilation problems and emphasized that the powder is not harmful to humans or the environment. The public has been hearing for days about the strange news. They joked about walking outside with balls of milk and cereal to catch chocolate, until they complained about the phenomenon and wished it rained in Swiss watches.