Ruling Time May 21, 2020, and Tilawah Prostration When Reading Sajdah Verses

Sajdah verse contains a warning about the majesty of Allah.

Tadarus Alquran become routine practice carried out by Muslims throughout Ramadan. Some read it at night after the Tarawih prayer, during the day while fasting, or certain times.All competed to memorize the Koran as much as possible. Because there are many virtues that can be achieved from memorizing the Koran, especially in the month of Ramadan.The Qur’an consists of many verses. In total there are 6,666 verses divided into 114 surahs and 30 juz.

Among these verses, the Sajdah verse is tucked away. This verse contains a warning regarding the majesty and greatness of God’s power.When reading this verse, we are encouraged to prostrate for a moment. To contemplate God’s unlimited power.When performing prostrations called recitations, it is recommended to read this prayer.

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Ruling Time May
Ruling Time May 21, 2020 and Tilawah Prostration When Reading Sajdah Verses

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Tilawah Prayers

Subhana rabbiyal a’la. Sajada wajhi lillazi kholaqohu wa showwarahu wa syaqqo sam’ahu wa bashorahu bi hawlihi wa quwwatihi. Allahummaktub li biha ‘indaka ajran, waj’alha li’ indaka dzukhran wadho ” anni biha wizran waqbalha minni kama qobiltaha min ‘abdika dauda’ alaihis salam.That is,

Most Holy, the Most High God. My face bows to the One Who creates and shapes and the One Who forms (divides) his hearing and his vision, with His power and strength. O Allah, set the reward for me by your side with this prostration, make this prostration as my saving on your side, drop my sins through this prostration, accept this prostration from me as you receive it from your servant the Prophet David ‘alaihissalam.

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