Ruling May 9, 2020, Sahur Prayers When Traveling

Travel limits one’s time.

Running fast in the middle of a journey we may have done. Some even go on a day and night trip.Of course, the meal and breaking the fast become a reality that must be faced. Although it feels different if the meal and breaking at home.However, people who are on a journey often face obstacles to dawn. For example, not finding food stalls open on the roadside.So, it could be someone can not eat sahur. What’s more, time is pretty tight so the opportunities for dawn are very few.When it comes to dawn on the way, it is recommended to read this prayer. This prayer was taught by the Prophet Muhammad in the hadith of the Muslim Imam from Abu Hurairah.

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Ruling May 9, 2020
Ruling May 9, 2020, Sahur Prayers When Traveling

Sahur Prayers on the Journey

Samma’a sami’un bihamdillah wa husni balaihi ‘alaina rabbana shohibna wa afdhil’ alaina ‘aizan billahi minan nari.That is,”May there be those who hear praise to Allah, and try to be kind to us. O our Lord, protect us and grant us gifts by taking refuge in God from the fires of hell.”


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