Ridwan Kamil Turns Ambulance Into Corona Test Car Prevents Wave II of Covid-19

Test car will hold Covid-19 tests secretly to a number of public facilities.

West Java (West Java) Governor, Ridwan Kamil, prepares a strategy to prevent the emergence of the second wave of Covid-19. One of the preparations is to change the ambulance into a Covid-19 test car.”I conjured up 69 ambulances, each one district, I modified it to the Covid-19 test car,” Ridwan said in the Instagram live ‘New Normal & You “Ridwan explained the capacity of hospitals in West Java to handle Covid-19 was only 29 percent. The remaining capacity means that hospitals in West Java can accept general patients.But the governor, who is usually called Kang Emil,

Warned about the possibility of the emergence of the second wave of Covid-19 in the country.Anticipating this possibility, he explained, the Covid-19 test car would be tasked with secretly carrying out unannounced inspections (sudden inspection) at markets, malls, where crowds of residents until the Friday prayer dispersal during the New Life Adaptation (AKB) period. In these places, the car will hold a Covid-19 test.”If anomalies are found then we will close the market, so it continues. Covid’s car continues to be faded, so there are still cases but there will not be many,” Ridwan said.

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Ridwan Kamil Turns
Ridwan Kamil Turns Ambulance Into Corona Test Car Prevents Wave II of Covid-19

Positive Cases in West Java Down

So far, said Ridwan, West Java has carried out approximately 200 thousand tests. However, the rate of adding positive cases in West Java is quite low.”The positive rate is a little, around 4.4 percent,” he said.According to Ridwan, the highest level of positive cases is currently in East Java. While the level of risk exposed to Covid-19 nationally, he said, West Java ranks 27th.”I see the problem is one, the people are not disciplined in wearing masks,” he said.

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