Remembered Didi Kempot, Gus Miftah: Immediately Promised to Visit the Pondok again

Didi Kempot was often reciting the Gus Miftah boarding school before he became famous.

Caregiver of Ora Aji Islamic Boarding School Yogyakarta, KH Miftah Maulana Habiburrahman or Gus Miftah was quite devastated by Didi Kempot’s departure. He also uploaded his condolences for the death of the maestro of the tasters.In the upload, Gus Miftah revealed one wish from Didi Kempot to recite the Islamic boarding school. The phrase is very touching.”Mas, so promise to go to the cottage again,” wrote Gus Miftah with emoji crying.Gus Miftah displayed a memorable video while with Didi Kempot enlivening Gus Alamudin’s wedding reception. At that time, they both had made the slogan Sobat Ambyar vs Santri Ambyar.

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Desire Didi Kempot, Ngaji Again to the Islamic Boarding School

Didi Kempot is known to have whispered his desire to recite the Koran in Gus Miftah’s boarding school.According to the confession of Gus Miftah, the singer whose real name is Dionisius Prasetyo with his wife and music crew indeed often recites at his Islamic boarding school before being as famous as today.Gus Miftah also remembered well when the Indonesian music Maestro requested prayers for success in his career.” Mbok kulo is prayed (please pray for me) to get viral anyway, Gus,” Gus Miftah wrote in remembrance of his conversation with Didi Kempot.

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Remembered Didi Kempot 2020
Remembered Didi Kempot 2020, Gus Miftah: Immediately Promised to Visit the Pondok again

Gus Miftah’s sadness

Gus Miftah admitted that he was saddened by the death of Didi Kempot. However, he must be sincere and will continue to pray for him.”Today you are passing away, mas. I regret (I am a witness), mas. I’m a good person. My heart is haunted, mas. But I must be sincere. Goodbye, my friend. Alfatihah,” he wrote.Didi Kempot died on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 morning. The singer, who is often called The Godfather of Broken Heart , breathed his last when he arrived at the Emergency Installation of the Kasih Ibu Hospital, Surakarta due to a heart attack.Didi Kempot was buried in Ngawi, East Java. The center is close to the grave of sister and member of the Srimulat, the late Mamiek Prakoso.

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Didi Kempot’s Last Song, Here are 6 Facts of Ojo Mudik Songs along with the Lyrics

Indonesian legendary campursari singer, Didi Kempot, has breathed his last breath on Tuesday morning May 5, 2020.In the midst of a corona virus outbreak, Didi Kempot is still actively working. Finally released a song called ‘Ojo Mudik’.Unexpectedly, the new song released on Didi Kempot Official Channel’s YouTube account on April 28 became the last song of his work.Even the new song, which was Didi Kempot’s last song, was in the process of collaborating with a number of officials, such as the Mayor of Solo and the Solo Police Chief.What are the facts behind the song ‘Ojo Mudik’ created by Didi Kempot? The following summarizes launch

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Cooperate with the Mayor of Solo

Song ‘Ojo Mudik’ in the process of making it, Didi Kempot took the mayor of Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo to be involved in his song.This is certainly very surprising, because Rudy openly tells the process of collaboration with Didi Kempot.The Mayor of Solo said, “Yes, I will sing a number of parts. No need to memorize (song lyrics), my own person also likes music. I was invited by Didi Kempot, asked to help him, “he said, quoted from to him the lyrics to the song ‘Ojo Mudik’ are very simple, so they are easy to remember and familiar to the public.

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