McLaren Supercar Accident at Jagorawi Toll Road, Passenger Checked

Supercar had an accident at KM 43.00 Jagorawi toll road.

Social media viral accident of a luxury car supercar McLaren MP4 12C at Jagorawi Toll Road on Sunday. Passengers and drivers will be questioned by the police for that single accident.Known, the car contains two people namely Eric Andrea, 37 years, as the driver and Leonardo, 27 years as a passenger.”Investigators today will conduct an examination of one witness (Leonardo),” said West Java Regional Police Head of Public Relations, Commissioner Erlangga, quoted from

The supercar with license plate B 2502 SBI had a single accident at KM 43.00. Precisely in the Baranangsiang area, Bogor City.Erlangga said that the orange supercar was confiscated by the Bogor City Police Traffic Unit as evidence. “We have secured the vehicle.”

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Sloping Car

Furthermore, Erlangga said based on the description of the driver named Eric, the car slipped on Jagorawi Toll Road B. The driver claimed to run the car at high speed.”The driver is not careful, the vehicle is sloping to the left in ROW then the left side crashing into a palm tree twists forward, then the left side crashing into the second palm tree with the last normal position facing west oblique,” he said.Both the driver and passenger, said Erlangga, were both injured. While the condition of a wrecked car.

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McLaren MP4 12C Supercar Accident at Jagorawi Toll Road, the Body of Ringsek

A McLaren supercar unit suffered a fatal accident on Sunday, May 3, 2020. The unfortunate event occurred at Jagorawi Toll Road.Quoted from , a number of photos and videos signed by members of the Bogor City Traffic Police Traffic Unit, Bripka Yuda Riyansah, circulated in the conversation application. It was stated that the accident occurred at 11.03 WIB with a wrecked car.

McLaren Supercar 2020
McLaren Supercar 2020 Accident at Jagorawi Toll Road, Passenger Checked

The supercar is a type of McLaren MP4 12C. The body is almost formless, with the front bumper and right side rear tire detached. The hood is also the right door and the side body is badly damaged.However, there has been no official information from the police regarding this incident. Including regarding the chronology and the condition of the driver and passengers.

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Legendary Car

McLaren MP4 12C is the first generation of modern supercars produced by McLaren. This car was made to follow the iconic footsteps of the 1990s F1 and was no longer manufactured.However, the big name of this car is timeless. The reason is that a car with a submersible engine has very capable capabilities.This car has a 3.8L twin-turbocharges V8 engine. This engine is capable of spewing power up to 616 Tk and makes the car capable of producing acceleration from 0-100 km in just 3.1 seconds.

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Viral! Mini Cooper Rasa Agya, Only in Indonesia

When the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) and Work From Home (WFH) policies are enacted, people will engage in the hobby of getting rid of boredom. One of them is car restoration or modification.This happened in a polished Toyota Agya that looks like a classic Mini Cooper Morris.

Quoted from the Instagram account @cs_bodyworks , Thursday 30 April 2020, this work was carried out by Cornerstone Bodyworks workshop in Kedoya, West Jakarta.The conversion of Agya to Morris uses a Toyota LCGC car, from the engine to the chassis to the dashboard. The ‘marriage’ car of Agya and Morris was given the name “Toymin”. It stands for Toyota and Mini.” Toymin is the best conversion made by us. Toyota Agya -> Mini Cooper Classic || Toyota style Mini style , “wrote @cs_bodyworks.

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Citizens of Kepengen

This modification attracted the attention of citizens. In fact, some are directly asking for the cost of modification. “Use the original dashboard, Agya can’t, Om?” write @nhasibuan.”Price is DM, OK, uncle. Modif like this, “write @ ahmadsobirin876.“Neat is the work, uncle, right …, I want to ask uncle. What do you have to report to, Om? What special permission or what? If it’s a 5 year extension … sorry, “wrote @restanandaru.

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