iPhone is rumored to change Name to Apple Phone

Rumor blows two or two technology observers whose predictions are often accurate

World-famous smartphone manufacturer, Apple, is rumored to be changing the name of the iOS operating system to iPhone OS. This apple logo company is also widely called to change the name of the iPhone into an Apple Phone. Rumors circulating mention the announcement of the new name of Apple’s operating system will be carried out at the Worldwode Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020. At the event, Apple has confirmed that it will introduce the latest MacBooks with ARM CPU and face ID feature in iMAC.

The news will be the emergence of the new name of Apple OS is sourced from a piece of Jon Prosser on the Twitter platform that mentions the word iPhone OS. Chanting Prosser was immediately chimed in by Max Weinbach who claimed to get an electronic message (email) that said Apple planned to change the name iOS into the iPhone OS. While also mentioned that their iPhone will be changed to Apple Phone.

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Not sure will change your name

These two figures are known as the trusted whistleblowers around Apple because often the predictions are right. Steps to change the brand or product name may not be the first time Apple has done. The company previously changed the name of the iOS derivative product for iPad with the name iPad OS a year ago.

Both of these leaks are quite sure of the possibility of Apple changing the name of iOS to iPhone OS. But they do not believe the rumors that Apple will change the name of the iPhone to Apple Phone. Maybe we should wait for the WWDC event that takes place next week to find out whether there is a change in the iPhone brand name.

We wait for Friends of Guruwali.

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iPhone is rumored to change
iPhone is rumored to change Name to Apple Phone

Cool! 3 This Boy Created Stop Motion Video Just Use the iPhone 5s

Even though it is often annoying, it must be admitted by children that creativity sometimes exceeds adults. Those who we think are disturbing are actually imagining a work. This overflowing imagination is mostly channeled through hand drawings, or often also playing games with friends with stories they have written themselves. Seeing children drawing or playing is certainly commonplace.

But some of the following small children have imagination and creativity that is not shared by children of the same age. They make stop motion videos! Of course not all can do it, even though adults.

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School Vacation Project

The creativity of these children can be seen from the upload of a mother who owns the @suhanamdaud account. The video went viral after distributing footage of a ‘project’ made by his son during school holidays. From that post, it was explained that her three children made a stop motion video using lego toys based on the Ghostbuster movie. For information, stop motion video is a technique for making animations or films that are made as if the pieces of the picture become interconnected with each other so as to form a movement or even a story.

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Only with capital

According to the account owner known as Suhana, the portraits that his children produce to be a 2 minute 44 second video are 1500 pieces. He added that this video was only made using the iPhone 5S sematphone which was done by 3 siblings for two weeks. The process that they went through in making this video starts from taking pictures, recording sound, and editing.

No doubt this video provokes citizens‘ attention. Most salute the hard work of the three Suhana children because the process of making a stop motion video is not something easy. Now you’re curious about what the video is like? Let’s take a peek below:

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Come on, just watch their creative videos.

My kids has a loose school leave project. Inspired by lego movie & ghostbusters. The brother start for first … the sister look lo, join and spend the same. Including vo . everyone explored themselves for my old phone, iphone 5s. I have supported you #youngarif pic.twitter./I3XRXkCO6k

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