First Time,Australia’s Largest Mosque Recites Azan Through Loudspeakers

This moment is special for Muslims.

For the first time, the Lakemba Mosque was finally able to chant the call to prayer through loudspeakers. This moment took place at the largest mosque in Australia during Ramadan.Australian Muslims enthusiastically welcomed the decision chosen to unite Muslims in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Azan was echoed from the Lakemba Mosque in southwestern Sydney.Quoted from, the Magrib call to prayer has been ringing for the past week. From April 29 to May 22, 2020.”With the rules during the pandemic and the closure of mosques and places of worship, many do not want to lose the atmosphere of Ramadan.

To treat that feeling, the Lakemba Mosque decided to echo the Maghrib call to prayer with loudspeakers,” said Ahmad Malas, Executive Director of the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) ) who take care of the mosque.Azan was echoed from one of the towers using a microphone. The hope, Muslims around the mosque can hear the prayer call.

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Many were Surprised

For other countries with a majority Muslim population, this is certainly very common. But for a country like Australia, hearing the call to prayer from a loudspeaker is very special.According to Ahmad, many Lakemba residents are Muslim. They were surprised there was now a call to prayer when the Maghrib or the breaking of the fast arrived.”Some even came out of the house so surprised to hear the call to prayer for the first time through loudspeakers,” said Ahmad Malas.“They got out of the car and then recorded the situation and spread it on social media,” he continued.

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Active Mosque, Can Receive 10 Thousand Congregations

Religious activities at the Lakemba Mosque are usually quite active, especially during Ramadan. The mosque can accommodate up to 10 thousand worshipers to open together and pray together.There is even a Ramadan bazaar that is routinely held every year, except this year. Azan is arguably the only offline activity in the Lakemba Mosque at this time.The Lebanese Muslim Association in Australia has moved the Ramadan program online amid a pandemic through the web and Facebook in Arabic and English.Eid celebration which is usually centered at the Lakemba Mosque, most likely also will not happen this year.

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First Time,
First Time, Australia’s Largest Mosque Recites Azan Through Loudspeakers

Although Physically Limited, Ojol Drivers Still Deliver Food During Lockdown

Application of lockdown in Malaysia makes everyone try not to leave the house when they are not needed. This is what makes food delivery services widely used by the community.For online motorcycle taxi drivers in Malaysia, lockdown policy makes them very burdened. However, the obstacles to life did not make one of GrabFood Malaysia’s drivers named Syahrain give up.Like most Malaysians doing activities at home due to lockdown, Edmund Gan through his Facebook account shares inspiring stories when ordering a drink through the GrabFood app.When the order arrived, he asked the driver to hang his drink on the fence. This action began many users of online motorcycle taxi services as an effort to send without contact between customers and motorists.

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Heartwarming moment

But the GrabFood driver asked, “Can you help me? I can’t do it alone.”urprised, Edmund immediately opened the gate and found out why the driver asked for help to bring the plastic food bags he ordered.Apparently, the GrabFood driver did not have a hand. Syahrain even had a casual joke with Edmund.“You don’t need to look for it, they really are gone,” Syahrain said.

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Make Proud

This extraordinary event surprised Edmund. Edmund felt that even though Syahrain had shortcomings, Syahrain continued to work hard as a GrabFood driver without the slightest problem.Syahrain briefly told a little before leaving to continue his work. He had a terrible accident when he was in elementary school, the accident resulted in Syahrain having to amputate his hands.Although his hands had to be amputated, he was determined to earn his own living and had worked as a GrabFood courier to support himself. In fact, he remains optimistic and enthusiastic about life despite his disability.What we can sample from Syahrain’s life is how life can change, but we must remain optimistic and survive in living a difficult life. Because nothing is impossible in this world.

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