Dabbah, Animal that Can Talk, Messenger of Doom

What is this animal actually?

Doomsday is a certainty that will be experienced by the universe. Not only religion discusses it, the study of scientists also states that the world and everything in it will one day experience destruction.In Islam, so many Prophets and Apostles were sent to convey the news. No one knows for sure when it happened, but Allah has explained about the signs. The most famous sign is when the sun rises from the west.Apparently not only that, ahead of the apocalypse there will be strange reptiles that appear from the bowels of the earth and are able to talk. This animal gives a mark on the human face, which is the difference between believers and non-believers. What is this animal actually?

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Repeatedly Called Rasulullah SAW

This animal named Dabbah and repeatedly called the Messenger of Allāh sebagai as one of the signs of doomsday. Even Allah SWT in his argument also explained about this animal. This is stated in the Quran Surat An-Naml: 82 which means as follows.”When words fall on them, we remove a dabbah (animal) from the earth that will tell them, that in fact mankind was not sure of our verses.” (An-Naml: 82)

Rasulullah SAW also said about this Dabbah and became one of the reminders of Muslims to always repent. In the Muslim history of the hadith, the Apostle mentions three cases that if all three came out then all repentance and charity are useless. All three are the rising of the sun from the west, the Dajjal and the Dabbah.”There are three cases which, if left out, will no longer be useful in the faith of people who have not previously believed; (HR. Muslim)

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Dabbah, Animal
Dabbah, Animal that Can Talk, Messenger of Doom

Dabbah Talks To Humans, Then Gives A Sign

He also said: “Verily the signs (Doomsday) that first appeared were the rising of the sun from the west and the release of animals to humans at the time of Dhuha. Whichever comes first, then the next one will occur in the near future. ” (HR. Muslim)He also said: “Immediately you give (before the arrival) six cases … (he mentioned among them) preaching.” (HR. Muslim).Later after leaving, the Dabbah will speak to humans and preach that humans were not sure of God’s verses. He gives a distinction between believers and infidels.

The sign for a believer is a glowing face, while those who do not, the sign is given in the nose as a sign of kufr.”The earth beast came out so he stamped humans on their faces. Then their number increased so that someone bought a camel he was asked, ‘Who did you buy the camel from?’ He replied, From one of the people who was stamped in the face … ” 322).Later Dabbah will come out of Mecca from the most glorious mosque. This is based on the hadith narrated in Majma’uz Zawaid VIII / 7-8, from Hudzaifah bin Asid in a marfu manner.

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Dabbah Languages ​​Have This Meaning

The Dabbah will come out of the largest mosque, when they (sitting around suddenly the earth shakes) when they are so suddenly the earth is divided.”Many differences of opinion occurred among scholars regarding this Dabbah. Dabbah in language has the meaning of animals that walk on earth. Some scholars say that the Dabbah is a camel child weaned from the camel of Salih.This is based on the hadith narrated by Abu Dawud ath-Thayalisi from Hudzaifah bin Asid al-Ghifari, that the Messenger of Allah mentioned about the sermons, (then he said the hadith, in which there is a phrase)

“They did not shepherd him, but he only spoke between the pillars and maqam (the pillars of Yamani and Maqam Ibrahim).“Second, the dabbah is al-Jassasah mentioned in the hadith of Tamim ad-Dari in the story of the Antichrist. This opinion was attributed to Abdullah bin Amru bin ‘Ash. This opinion is not strong because the characteristics and what is done by the dabbah does not fit into the description of al-Jassasah in the hadith Tamim ad-Dari.

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Other Opinions Regarding Dabbah

Fourth, dabbahs are people who talk, debate and refute those who like to do heresy and kufr so they stop. So that if they perish, they perish with real information (hujjah).Fifth, Dabbah is a dangerous bacterium that will make humans suffer. The bacteria can even kill it. When hurting someone he brings a message in the form of advice to humans if they have a heart that can think, so they realize to return to God, to

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