Corona Update: New Positive Cases Soaring 1,241, These Are 5 Highest Provinces

Total number of specimens completed was 17,757 specimens.

Government spokesman for the handling of Covid-19, Achmad Yurianto, said his office continues to boost efforts to track and examine related to corona virus infection. This is to find more and more new positive cases of Covid-19.According to Yurianto, his party has received examination data on 17,757 specimens for 24 hours. Thus, the accumulation of specimens examined has reached 446,918 specimens.”This provides an additional positive case that we confirmed positive for Covid-19 by 1,241 people bringing the total to 34,316 cases.

However, cases of patients recovering also increased quite high. “We have recovered 715 cases, bringing the total to 12,129 people,” said Yurianto.While the case of death increased by 36 people. The accumulation of mortality due to Covid-19 has so far reached 1,929 people.Yurianto said that overall, the Covid-19 case number was still increasing. But when viewed by the province, some began to show a stable trend.

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5 Provinces With the Highest New Case

Furthermore, Yurianto explained that if seen in more detail, there were additional cases in five provinces. As in East Java there are 273 new positive cases and 97 patients recovered.In South Sulawesi there were 189 new cases with 53 patients recovering. DKI Jakarta reported 157 positive cases and 146 recovered.Central Java increased 139 people and 118 recovered. While South Kalimantan 127 positive new people and 10 people recovered.In addition, there were 10 provinces that reported an increase in daily positive cases below 10. While 6 provinces did not report additional cases.”This addition is due to aggressive tracing so that we can see the addition of this case is the specimen sent by the health center or health service, is not dominated by specimens sent by the hospital,” he said.

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Corona Update June 9: New Cases Soaring Daily, Translucent 1,000 Positive Covid-19

There is an increase in the number of positive daily Covid-19 cases in Indonesia. In total, the number of positive cases has now become 33,076 cases.”We have a positive number of Covid-19 confirmations of 1,043 cases,” said Achmad Yurianto, a spokesman for the government for Handling of Covid-19.Daily cases recovered by 510 people. “The total is 11,414 people,” Yurianto said.While the case of death increased by 40 people. Overall, the death rate of patients due to Covid-19 in Indonesia reached 1,923 people.

Corona Update
Corona Update: New Positive Cases Soaring 1,241, These Are 5 Highest Provinces

Yurianto explained that this data was obtained from examinations in the last 24 hours of 16,181 specimens. So far, the total specimens that have been examined have reached 429,161 specimens.Furthermore, Yurianto said that this was a picture of new habits that must be carried out. Data collected indicates that transmission is still occurring.

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Not National Distribution

Yurianto said that the increase in cases was not a national picture. Because there are some provinces that report new cases, while others note there are no positive cases added.”For example, the distribution we get today is in DKI Jakarta as many as 232 new cases but at the same time it is also reported that 165 people have been recovered today,” he said.Then East Java reported 220 new cases with 85 patients declared cured. Other provinces are with 180 new cases and 31 Healed.Then South Kalimantan reported 90 new cases with 1 person recovering. While North Sulawesi recorded 41 new cases but none of the patients was declared cured.”17 provinces today reported under 10 new cases with 7 provinces without new cases,” Yurianto said.

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Corona Update June 8: 30,023 Positive Cases, These are the 5 Most Areas of New Patients

Covid-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Countermeasures reports that there are still 847 additional positive cases of corona. Data for the last 24 hours until Monday, June 8, 2020 at 12.00 West Indonesian Time, recorded positive patients of Covid-19 in Indonesia had reached 32,033 people.The addition of positive cases in the past 23 hours has been dominated by reports from East Java totaling 365 people. But the number of patients recovering also increased by 90 people.Government spokesman for the handling of Covid-19, Achmad Yurianto said the number of positive cases was obtained from the examination of 412,980 specimens.

“This is the data we got today,” Yuri said in a press statement at the BNPB Indonesia Building.In addition to East Java, the other provinces that contributed the highest number of positive Covid-19 patients were South Sumatra with 110 people, DKI Jakarta with 89 people and 76 patients were cured.The other two provinces are South Kalimantan with 62 new positive cases and 13 patients recovering and Maluku with 38 new cases and 13 patients recovering.

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15 Provinces Without New Cases

Yuri also revealed that 21 provinces reported the addition of positive cases of Covid-19 under 10. While 15 other provinces reported no cases at all.To date, the total number of Covid-19 patients who have been cured has reached 10.904 among the additional 406 patients in the last 24 hours.”32 people died so that a total of 1,883 people,” he said.Covid-19 task force teams throughout Indonesia are currently monitoring 38,791 ODP and 14,010 people with Patient Oversight status.”We remind that keeping a distance, using a mask, washing our hands frequently using gloves are things we should get used to.

Because this is what we call adaptation to new habits,” Yuri said.By signing the protocol, it is hoped that the public will be safe and not be infected by viruses. “In this way we also carry out our productive activities. Safe from Covid-19 is an absolute thing.”

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