Blocking Patches on the Wall, Men Find Shocking Things Under the House

He did not think if the house was once a big hill.

Being bored in a newly purchased home in the middle of a lockdown, a British man is surprised to find a 120-year-old secret tunnel under his house.Jake Brown was doing some work at his newly bought home when he realized that one of the walls had patches.Intrigued, he examined it further and made a hole large enough so that his head could see inside.Remembered Didi Kempot, Gus Miftah: Immediately Promised to Visit the Pondok againApparently, the patch Jake found a large area under his home in Plymouth, Devon.

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“When I stood outside the front door of the basement, I saw patches in the wall. Out of curiosity I removed the patch with a drill to make a hole,” Jake said.Through enough holes for the head and hands to hold the flashlight, Jake peeked inside. It turns out that behind the patch there is a kind of cave filled with dust.After realizing there was a large room under his house, Jake opened the wall entirely so he could go down and walk into it.”I continue to make a bigger hole so I can know the space better,” he said.

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Blocking Patches 2020
Blocking Patches 2020 on the Wall, Men Find Shocking Things Under the House

He flashed a flashlight in the darkness of the cave, Jake saw a lot of trash from another era. He went down to explore and take a closer look.”I estimate that the cave-like basement has a curved stone ceiling that is still in good condition. The tunnel is 5 meters long by 3 meters high and 3 meters wide,” Jake said.Inside the tunnel, Jake found a pile of building waste and other rubbish. Jake also dig everything to get a clue.After examining it, Jake was sure that the room under his house had been closed for years.

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Bottles from the Beginning of 1900

Space may have been used as a place to dispose of building waste when renovating roofs, gutters, doors and windows many years ago before it was closed.”After digging deeper, in the dark room I found several bottles, a paint can, and a newspaper,” Jake said.According to Jake, although the paint can is very damaged, it can be seen from the label that it came from the 50s or 60s.While the bottles, after being cleaned quickly, indicate the year of manufacture in the early 1900s.

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Closed More Than 50 Years Ago

Most valuable finding is a newspaper that is easily destroyed when touched by human hands.After making a complicated rescue, Jake was finally able to find out the era of the newspaper was printed.”Barely read, the newspaper was from 1964. Along with other evidence, this basement has been closed for more than 50 years,” Jake added.A historian invited by Jake said the secret tunnel was once a large hill called Windridge Hill.The hill was dredged and razed to build houses equipped with basements, cellars, and so on.

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