278 Congregation Submits Hajj Fee Payment Refund

206 requests that have been issued Pay Warrants from BPKH to banks.

Director of the Ministry of Religion’s Internal Hajj Services, Muhajirin Yanis, said within two weeks of the announcement of the cancellation of the pilgrimage by the Minister of Religion Fachrul Razi, there were already a number of worshipers who had requested a repayment of the settlement payment.”Two weeks from the cancellation of the departure, there were 278 pilgrims proposing the return of the settlement payment,” Muhajirin said, Tuesday, June 16, 2020.The refund service for the pilgrimage payment of 1441 H / 2020 is open starting June 3. Congregations submit applications to the regency / city Ministry of Religion where they register, to be processed by the Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah Ministry of Religion.

Furthermore, the request for worshipers was submitted by the Director General of PHU to the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH). Then, BPKH issues a Payment Order (SPM) to the Deposit Recipient Bank (BPS) which then transfers the funds to the accounts of each congregation.”We have sent 278 congregation requests to BPKH. 206 SPM requests have been issued by BPKH and have been received by BPS Bipih,” Muhajirin said.

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Origin of the Congregation

Pilgrims who submitted the request for return came from 26 provinces. Whereas the provinces with the most number of worshipers filed applications for returning, namely Central Java 51 worshipers, East Java 46 worshipers, West Java 41 worshipers, North Sumatra 30 worshipers, and Lampung 15 worshipers. Muhajirin also said there were currently eight provinces whose congregants had not submitted applications for repayment of repayments. The provinces in question are West Sumatra, NTT, West Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Maluku, North Maluku, and Papua.”Submission of the application for returning the settlement payment is opened throughout the year until the departure of the pilgrimage in 1442 H / 2021,” explained Muhajirin.

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The Refund Amount Can Be Withdrawn Again

Amount of the repayment fund, said Muhajirin, was determined based on 13 embarkations. The repayment fund itself is one of the two Hajj Travel Costs (Bipih) instruments in addition to the initial deposit of Rp. 25 million.”It means, the repayment deposit is the difference from Bipih per embarkation with the initial deposit,” he said.In detail, the amount of the repayment fund per embarkation is as follows.

278 Congregation Submits
278 Congregation Submits Hajj Fee Payment Refund

1. Embarkation of Aceh Rp6,454,602,2. Medan Embarkation of IDR 7,172,602,3. Batam Embarkation Rp.8,083,602,4. Padang Embarkation of IDR 8,172,602,5. Palembang Embarkation Rp8,073,602,6. Jakarta Embarkation Rp. 9,772,602,7. Embarkation of Kertajati Rp.11,113,002,8. Solo Embarkation Rp10,972,602,9. Embarkation of Surabaya Rp. 12,577,602,10. Banjarmasin Embarkation Rp. 11,927,60211. Balikpapan Embarkation of Rp12.052.602,12. Embarkation of Lombok Rp. 12,332,602, and13. Makassar Embarkation Rp13.352.602.

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Hajj 2020 Abolished, Prospective Pilgrims Start Withdrawing Funds

Director of the Ministry of Religion’s Internal Hajj Services,Muhajirin Yanis, said there were 58 prospective pilgrims who processed the withdrawal of repayment funds a week after the announcement of the 2020 hajj cancellation on June 2, 2020.“This number will be processed by us and submitted to the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) to be followed up in accordance with the stipulated channel,” Muhajirin said.Requests for withdrawal, he said, were received by a number of District / City Ministry of Religion Offices. The application has been submitted to the Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah Ministry of Religion for further submission to BPKH.

After being processed, BPKH will issue a transfer order to the Deposit Recipient Bank to send the funds to the pilgrimage account. Muhajirin said that the whole process would take up to nine days.”Two days at the Ministry of Religion in the District / City, three days at the Directorate General of PHU, two days at BPKH and two days of the transfer process from BPS to the pilgrimage account,” Muhajirin said.Meanwhile, Kasubdit Hajj Registration Ahmaf Khanif said the 58 worshipers came from 14 provinces.

Provinces such as North Sumatra were 6 worshipers, Riau 6 worshipers, Bengkulu 2 worshipers, Lampung 2 worshipers, DKI Jakarta 1 worshipers, West Java 4 worshipers, Central Java 6 worshipers, DI Yogyakarta 5 worshipers, DI Yogyakarta 5 worshipers, East Java 15 worshipers, NTB 1 worshipers, Central Kalimantan 2 worshipers, North Sulawesi 1 congregation, Southeast Sulawesi 1 congregation, and Riau Islands 6 congregation.

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Minister of Religion Promises Hajj Settlement Funds Are Returned Not later than 9 Days

Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi, ensures that the Hajj 2020 repayment fund is returned to pilgrims who request withdrawal. He assured the administration of withdrawal of funds will not experience interference.”Don’t be in the slightest doubt because the pilgrims’ funds will never be disrupted, they will be managed by the BPKH (Hajj Financial Management Agency),” Fachrul said, quoted.Fachrul said that his party was preparing a repayment scheme. He ensured pilgrims could receive the funds no later than nine days after the request was submitted.

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